Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Insomnia Sucks

The title says it all. I am going to hit the hay now, maybe I can get 40 winks now that it is almost 2:30 in the morning.

All the best,

An Open Invitation To Paul McCartney (and to the guy who tried to leave the anti-meat video link in a comment on this blog)

Someone tried to post a comment, to one of my blog posts, that contained a link to a video of some guy called Paul McCartney. In the video he is basically whining imploring folks to stop eating meat. I was going to get all nasty toward the person who tried to leave the comment but figured I would be civil about it. So here is an offer to both him or her and to Paul McCartney:

If either of you would like a good, free, meal here in the good old U.S. of A., look me up. I will gladly treat either or both of you to your choice of some truly excellent medium rare and still somewhat bloody beef steak, finger lickin' good BBQ pork ribs, luscious lamb chops, yummy rabbit, delectable Portuguese style goat, a fat bratwurst or maybe just a liverwurst sandwich. Then again, maybe you prefer something still alive like a nice dozen raw oysters or clams (or both) - I love the feel of them going down. Of course, if you prefer something else, I'll go for whatever other dish I can afford to get for you from a creature that has walked on, crawled on/in/under, swam the seas of, or flown above planet earth. Myself, I prefer those I have killed myself, when I have the opportunity, but usually have to settle for slaughterhouse fare. I will gladly treat you to one that has been killed in a slaughterhouse or if you prefer we can go to a live market and have them do the dirty deed and I'll cook it up for you. I'll even throw in a really good beer or ale to help you wash it all down - sorry but it has to be American and of my choosing. Any time you feel so inclined, look me up for a delicious time.

You know, the next chance I get, I am going to treat a homeless person to some NYC hot dogs from Gray's Papaya or a similar place and I am willing to bet he or she will be appreciative. Man, they make great franks, my mouth is watering as I write. Something tells me I'll be going to Gray's Papaya really soon and I'll be thinking of Paul and the commenter as I wolf down a couple of dogs slathered with mustard and covered in kraut, all washed down with root beer. I'll also make sure to let the homeless person know that if it wasn't for the commenter and for Paul McCartney's anti-meat video he would not be getting a fee meal. So - in a way - he will have them to thank for it.

All the best,
Glenn B