Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lyme Disease...

...positive. Oh Joy.

Dear Mr. Obama - a video

The below is a pretty startling political advertisement, but even if it was not at all political it would be startling. It just is not startling because of being political but rather because of its meaningful content. It is also a pretty forceful statement on whether or not we are doing the right thing in Iraq. Yeah, I know all the arguments about how we got the intel wrong for the invasion; and I agree somewhat with those who say we were wrong in going in for those faulty reasons. I also know that once we were there we waged a war that was not only necessary, but that served good purpose. This one video did not make me think that way. Lots of other things made me think that way, and I am a bit too smart, if not wise, to be swayed merely by such a gut wrencher. Yet, this video does state it plain and simple long before it reaches the part that makes it a gut wrenching clincher; and it comes from someone who apparently has had first hand experience with the worthwhile sacrifice of which he speaks.

All the best,
Glenn B