Monday, May 27, 2013

Cop Clearing Road Debris Ambushed and Shot Dead

This is a debasement of humanity. I do not know the cop, know nothing about him, will assume he was one of the good guys, but even if not this should not have happened. It seems, from the preliminary reports to have been a planned act but that the officer was a random victim.


All the best,
Glenn B

I Used To Love Jimmy Dean Sausage Patties and Links...

...and I have to say that the guy who made this YouTube video is spot on, except maybe for the fucking comment that Jimmy Dean Sausage patties are for southerners and Texans and not for northerners (LOL). Other than that one point, all the points that he made were on the money.

 I almost cannot believe that video has been out there, in the virtual world of cybervision, since 2007 and I have not seen it until this evening. I have not eaten premade sausage pattis like that in years; I eat mostly bacon and Spam now for breakfast meats. It has me wondering, did they ever go back to the 16 ounce package??? You sure cannot tell from the product description of their website:

If they did go back to the larger size, I would bet that video had something to do with it. I guess that the next time I am in the local supermarket, HERE IN FRIGGIN NEW YORK, I will have to check to see if they still ship it to us northerners.

A hat tip to Mike G for sending me that video and giving me the best laugh I have had in at least a couple of weeks.

All the best,
Glenn B

Safety Quest LTD

I will tell you right off, here in the first sentence, this post is basically an endorsement. It is for a great guy, his business and his excellent business practices. As I posted previously: From April 20th through May 5th, I spent Saturdays and Sundays taking the 47 hour NY State Armed Guard certification course. The classes were given by an outfit called Safety Quest Limited. Their web address is:  Safety Quest LTD offers other classes too, such as:

The 8 hour Annual NYS Training Course for Armed Security Guards

The 8 hour pre-employment NYS Security Guard Training (unarmed guards)

The 16 hour post-employment NYS Security Guard Training (unarmed)

Annual 8 hour NYS Security Guard recertification training

Annual LEOSA Qualifications

NYS First Responder program

OSHA Training program

The outfit is headed up by Roland Grant and is staffed by members (active and maybe retired?) of the Suffolk County Police Department. I have got to say, they were all professionals. They were not only professionals but while being so they were knowledgeable, open to other ways of doing what they were teaching, courteous, respectful, and genuinely nice guys. In addition, the cost of the training was pretty good. The 47 hour armed guard training went for $700. That included all the training, use of firearms and holsters if needed and targets. Ammunition was additional. Of course, I supplied my own guns and ammo. Others in my local area charge from $800 to $900 from what I saw prior to signing up with Roland. The fee also included the necessary certification upon successful completion of the course. I do not think anyone failed and that is a testament to the training abilities for Roland and his staff. I mean that last sincerely because at first I was pretty certain a couple of guys would flunk out but Roland and his crew whipped those guys into shape before then end of the course.

In addition to the course, there were some additional courtesies that I am guessing, based on my experience with other training courses, that are not offered by other people giving this course. Each day, Roland supplied coffee and either bagels or donuts. He also supplied lunch each and every day of the training. Both the breakfast and lunch were on him, free of charge to the students. When the class was over, he sent out training certificates (two of them per student) on heavy stock that looked somewhat like parchment paper. He also included a letter reminding students of what were their obligations when applying for the actual armed guard license and thanking them for taking the course with him.

Safety Quest Limited and Roland Grant and his staff are a class act. I highly recommend them if you live in the NYC or LI areas and require any of the training that Safety Quest LTD offers. Just in case you are wondering, I did not get anything for this write up; I did it because I thought Roland deserved it. The man and his crew impressed me with business ethics that seem to have almost vanished from the face of the earth but that used to be included among the things that were covered by common courtesy. A hat tip to him and his crew for a job, not only well done, but done with professionalism, courtesy, respect, honor and decency. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Two of My Other Loves and All of the Chihuahuas...

...that are in our lives, right now!

That is my wife Linda to your left and my soon to be married daughter Celina to your right. The Chihuahuas are: Gizmo that is Celina's deg (on Linda's lap and looking away), Chloe that is Celina's and her fiancĂ©'s deg (in Linda's arms), Lucy who is our deg (in the middle), Pepe who is also one of our degs (scrunched between Lucy and Celina) and Abby who is also ours (on Celina's lap). As for Abby, although Linda named her Abby on her papers, I had already named her AB Normal (and Linda agreed to it, then changed it for her papers). If you do not understand the reference, you missed an excellent and hilarious movie. Our larger dogs, Mimi and Roxie, were not there when I took the pictures at Phil and Celina's housewarming party. They would just have been too much for the car ride to their house and back.

Here are some other pics of the degs:
That's Phil (Celina's fiancĂ©) presenting Abby and Chloe's birthday cake.
Yesterday was their birthday. Yes, they are sisters.

Linda, Pepe, Lucy and Chloe.

Phil Sr. and Gizmo

Phil's Mom who for some unknown reason
I did not get a shot of with the degs.

Phil chilling with A B Eer and with
A B Normal after he was done grilling.

Chloe, one of the birthday girls.

Abby (AB Normal), the other birthday girl.

Phil and Chloe giving lovin'.

Pepe taking it easy after chomping down some hamburger.
Too bad that Brendan and his girlfriend did not come along.
All the best,
Glenn B

True Love...

...because Pepe eats dog shit now and again. Make no mistake, Pepe is the Chihuahua.

All the best,

Memorial Day - In Memory...

...and to honor, they who have fallen, in the military services of the United States of America during wartime, salute them. Please  honor them by giving them some thought today, say a prayer for them if so inclined, and don't forget to comfort the living families, whom you may know, of any fallen servicemen and service women. They made the ultimate sacrifice for us.

All the best,
Glenn B