Monday, October 14, 2019

When It Comes To Fake News - ABC May have Just Won 1st Place

An ABC news report on the fighting in Syria between the Turkish military and Kurdish forces reportedly featured a spectacular video of the fighting. It also evidently depicted scores if not hundreds of spectators making videos of the shooting and explosions with their cell phones. Really? Just watch the video. The thing was though, according to published reports, the video actually showed a full auto shoot at the Knob Creek Gun Range in Kentucky and had nothing to do with the fighting in Syria. More at the source.

Folks, the news does not get much more fake than that! Anyway ABC supposedly has apologized for it. My guess is had they not been caught with their pants on fire, they never would have mentioned it. I have no doubt someone on the left will now use it, in their continued anti-gun crusade, to show just how terrible are gun owners in the US of A that their shooting at a range could be confused for warfare. Really though, I think all it shows is how low they can go to make fake news.

All the best,
Glenn B