Wednesday, August 2, 2023


 I wonder if his mother and father ever dreamed of how appropriate a name they were giving their son. He was one of four men who climbed aboard the rudder of a merchant ship while it was in harbor at Lagos, Nigeria in western Africa. He was desperate, all of them were, to get to a better place, a better life. He and the others believed the ship was headed to Europe, they had food and water that lasted 10 days. Their journey took 14 days and after running out of supplies they drank seawater to survive. 
The ship never arrived in Europe, that because it was headed in a totally different direction. It made port but not at alll where they had expected;  they wound up on another continent altogether.

Imagine their ordeal, 14 days at sea on a rudder. Thry must have been truly terrified, it was no joy ride, of that I am sure. Then imagine their great relief to have arrived anywhere at all and their grest surprise to learn they were in Brazil. Brazilian Federal Police evidently got them off of the ship but only after giving them what they needed most after four days without it - fresh water. Once there, two of the men decided to go back to Nigeria but two opted to apply for asylum in Brazil. More at the source.

I am no fan of illegal aliens entering any country but their plight gives one pause for thought. Thought not so much about illegal entries and such, their desperation does not change my mind that borders need be respected and Immigration laws strictly enforced with emphasis placed on legal Immigration with favoratism given to they who apply legally and are found acceptable under the law. My thoughts are more about how good we have it in the United States that virtually not one of our most downtrodden tries to head to a better country (is there even one that is better) and about how bad it is for others in many other countries of the world. Bad enough it seems, for even the most idiotic and dangerous of plans to seem like a good one, or maybe the only one, to get oneself to a better life. 

Maybe his parents should have named him Foolishboy, Dumbass, Idiot or Badrisktaker but instead they gave him a name that also makes me wonder if he is living up to it and one that I am pretty certain is appropriate. I am guessing that maybe it could not have been mere luck that got all four of them across the unforgiving seas - could it! There must have been a higher power than chance  maybe a divine providence protecting them, don't you think? I bet he and the others think so and I bet they are all doing what his name says to do being they all did not perish at sea. 
If you have not figured it out yet, one of the men was was given the same name
as the title of this blogpost - Thankgod! My guess is that is what he and the others have been doing a lot of lately. I am also guessing, that if still alive, his patents are doing much of the same and are very happy they gave him that very suitable moniker.

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Cat Stevens...

 ...I would not pee on him if afire today BUT I love to listen to his old songs from back in the 70s. This man had, maybe still has, one of the greatest voices I have ever heard. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I like this song of his very much: How Can I Tell You. It should be the theme song of hopeless romantics worldwide!
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