Friday, December 14, 2018

My Son Is Enjoying My Company... in Arkansas - isn't it obvious!

Of course, he was just goofing around - I think.

As for me, except for enjoying his company when he gets home from work, I have been doing very little. I've hit a few antique / second-hand stores but that's been about it. The weather has not been very cooperative for outdoor activities like outdoor ranges - it's been wet and cold mostly so far. I must say though, I've been to only four such stores and have picked up some things at three of them. One place was just way too classy and expensive for me. The others more my style - high end white trash.

A couple of days ago I picked up some grips for old round butt, Colt revolvers (in the box) and my Star Trek Tracer gun at one place; and a Christmas stocking & an ornament at another. I think that the total I spent between both places was just under $15.00. Today, I stopped at two more places further away from his apartment and while I got nothing t one store, I think I got two excellent bargains at the other. One is a duck knick-knack, nothing great but a nice deal at $5.00.

The other is a leather bomber style jacket. It is in almost new excellent condition. They were asking $40. I got it fort $27.50.
I guess that makes me a well dressed happy duck hunter.

 All the best,
Glenn B