Sunday, June 10, 2012

Would You Take Your Kid To The Range For A Birthday Party - I Would Take Mine - Even Now

A firearms range, under construction, is planning to host birthday parties for children as young as 8 years old. The parties will apparently include hands on firearms for the youngsters, with some range time. Not a bad idea, I think, from the sound of it. That is, at least, if they have good supervision over the kids while on the range. I could see parents not wanting to let the kids have birthday cake after they shoot, so maybe it would be a good idea to have the cake first, then get the lead out. I like it, really do. Figures it is not in New York or anywhere close and that it is in Texas. Gotta love it.


All the best,
Glenn B

A Zombie He Was Not

Rudy Eugene may have seemed like a zombie, when he allegedly attacked Ronald Poppo and allegedly tore off Poppo's face with his teeth, but partial autopsy results have been reported and they apparently indicate that Mr. Eugene did not have any flesh in his stomach. It did not say whether or not there was any in his esophagus that may have made it part way to his stomach.

There were some undigested pills, reported to have been in his stomach. I do not think the undigested one are the ones they need to be all that concerned about, except as toward identifying earlier drugs he may or may not have taken. If he was under the influence of pills, it would be the ones he may have ingested earlier and then already digested that would have driven him crazy. I imagine time and the continuing autopsy will tell.

So it appears that, a zombie he was not. Maybe he was just a drugged out or otherwise crazed individual who snapped and went violently berserk on an unsuspecting victim or maybe evil entities made him do it but it certainly was not normal behavior that was alleged. See: He sure seemed pretty zombie like to me, I stand by my earlier opinion on that aspect of it all.

Hopefully Mr. Poppo will hit the lottery and be able to pay for his medical bills which I think I heard could be well up over one million dollars, not including years of therapy - both physical and mental. Then again, where would he get the dollar to pay for the ticket. It appears that the tax payer will foot his bills but nonetheless, I must wish him a speedy and as full a recovery as possible. Almost no one deserves what he got.

All the best,
Glenn B

Glock 26 - I Need An Update

I sent the slide assembly for my Glock 26 into Glock USA for repair due to the front night sight having failed. I asked them to change the night sights to standard iron sights. It did not seem like it would be a problem. As a matter of fact, they said to make it easier and less expensive for me, to send just the slide assembly, so I did not have to go through an FFL for the return. That was okay by me. I sent it out, via UPS, on April 18th. According to the paperwork I had to fill out for Glock, there was a 4 to 6 week turnaround. It is now a bit past 7 full weeks so I sent Glock an email, this evening, inquiring about the status of the repair.

The big surprise in this whole thing is that Glock never sent a confirmation email or any other type of acknowledgement that they received the Glock 26 slide. I find that a bit unusual and a bit less than professional; then again - it was not a complete firearm so I guess it is not considered as critical an issue by Glock. It sure would be nice had they done that. other than that, Glock Customer Service has been a sterling example of what customer service should be like. A Glock rep answered my email inquiry and followup questions promptly and completely and sent me everything I needed to know about how to send in the slide to them. He also told me there would likely be no charge to put on the standard sights. Now, if they would just get it back to me, I would feel a whole lot better. Well, at least going to the range with the 26 and firing a couple to few hundred rounds through it and it being right on target would make me feel better.

Not carrying the bigger pistol I am now carrying might also make me feel better. I have been carrying one of my Beretta 9mm pistols, a 92FS. I don't really mind the bigger pistol but must say sometimes my lower back seems to mind. Amazing what just a little weight difference can do but my lower back has been getting used to the heavier pistol back in its proper place again. Once I have the Glock back, I think I may have to alternate which I carry - perhaps that would be good strength therapy for my back.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Am Thinking of Selling or Trading Some of My Guns

Am I crazy? Probably but that is what I have been thinking about. The ones I have in mind as possible ones to put up for sale or trade are:

NEF Pardner single shot shotgun in 12 gauge

Browning Citori Lightning Shotgun in 12 gauge

Remington 513T Matchmaster bolt action rifle in .22LR

Remington 241 Speedmaster semi-auto tube-fed in .22LR

High Standard Duramatic semi-automatic pistol in .22LR

I am none to sure I am going to sell or trade away any of these but as I said, I have been thinking about it. Chances are, if I do decide to sell, it would only be some of those mentioned and not all of them. I really need to give it some serious thought because the U.S. office of Personnel Management, relative to getting me my full pension instead of partial payments, is dawdling as my savings is dwindling. without a job to supplement my pension, it is proving tough to keep up with my property taxes. Selling some guns would be one way to help make one or two tax payments. Then again, I may just let the savings get down to almost nothing before I do something as drastic as selling off any of my guns. I am thinking about it though, may even sell some of them if OPM gets it right sooner than later. Then I can buy new ones but I am not about to do anymore gun selling/trading with an eye toward more gun buying until my pension payments have been finalized.

Unless I sell some to buy new ones, let's hope this is all just a bunch of idle thought. I sold guns once before when I needed money (right after getting married) and virtually vowed to myself not to ever do it again because of how much I had sellers remorse after getting rid of them.

All the best,
Glenn B