Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Question To Ask Yourself Before You Vote In November

I am sure that this campaign ad will not be used by Obama, the demoncrats or their supporters.
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Where Is Eric Frein? - A Must Read

I found the following piece, 'Where is Eric Frein?' on Facebook. It is a work that asks some tough questions of the government and also one that should get you wondering and thinking about exactly what has been going on with our government in general, and law enforcement in particular, over the past decade or three (I don't think it references a timeline but I can assure you what is discussed has been happening for at least that long). Read it and think about it and prepare for the outright tyrannical oppression that has been forming and is almost sure to overtake our way of life unless We The People do something to stop it.

With permission from the author, here it is in its entirety:

"Where is Eric Frein?

I honestly didn't think that I'd be talking about this guy again, but at what point do you say, "enough". I'm beginning to think there is something else going on here because, who does this?

I don't want to sound insensitive or disrespectful of an officer's death but seriously, at what point in time should we start asking questions? Let's look at this from an unbiased perspe...

Do multiple law enforcement agencies regularly assemble for a manhunt when a citizen OTHER than another LEO is murdered? No, they do not.

Does the State typically spend in excess of $1 million dollars per week for weeks on end searching for the murderer of a regular citizen?

At the expense of the taxpayers, would law enforcement agencies bring in specialized equipment and trained officers of multiple agencies, including the FBI, and militarized swat units from OTHER municipalities for just any murder investigation? Nope, nope.

Is it alright to burden the citizenry with endless police presence, countless road blocks, hundreds of warrantless searches, curtailing of daily activities (like hunting season in 7 counties), imposing of curfews, door to door interrogations, and NOW postponement of all Halloween festivities?
For the purpose of capturing the murderer of a single person who happened to be a state trooper...

So, why are they doing this? Seriously, WHAT is it that makes this one particular officer, who was tragically gunned down by a random crazy person, entitled to the exhaustive efforts that are being used to capture his killer?

I don't know about you, but I'm going to say it....

This isn't about just catching a killer, there has got to be something more. It's almost like theater for a long term martial law drill...

None of this makes sense, and does anyone else here feel like they aren't getting the whole story? It is my opinion that Eric Frein is long gone, and if I am almost positive of this, why isn't anyone else; especially those making the decisions to continue this manhunt...

Anybody else have any thoughts on this because I would sure like to hear them...
#NewRevolution ~ Orphan"

Source: My thanks to Orphan for allowing me to reprint that.

We need to reform the government (our chance is nigh, elections are forthcoming) to be able to reclaim our rights and exercise our liberties as we see fit and not as the government sees fit to restrict and we need to do it before it is too late. How can we do it? I believe that we justifiably can use whatever means are necessary to topple the unlawful, Constitution disregarding, tyranny under which we now live. There are three basic ways to do it and so far we have used two of the three but let me point out that so far standing on the soap box has failed, we may still be able to do it by way of the ballot box but time is running out for that option too. If we cannot accomplish the defeat of tyranny from the soap box or at the ballot box that leaves only one option. That one is a box I always have hoped would never have to be opened in opposition to our own government but if it comes to it then so be it to defeat unlawful tyranny while protecting our rights, our liberties, the Constitution of the United States Of America and our Constitutional Republic.

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