Monday, December 11, 2006

Suffer the Children!

Read the article Three Children of Palestinian Officer Killed in Drive-by Shooting
and make up your own minds about whether or not the people involved are animals of the most vicious type. This shooting, in my opinion, highlights my contention that Islam is a violent religion, that anything involved with Islam should be broken down, dismantled, and rebuilt at the very least, if Islam is to survive at all. No, there is no one specifically saying this was a crime based upon religion, but it was most probably based at least in part upon sectarian violence. Please don't dsay it was political without remembering that the religion in the area runs the politics. Also don't try to make excuses by saying the hitmn could not see into the car and they did not know about the children inside, remember they had no regard for the children on the streets either, and there were shooting victims of this crime who were passersby. This was one horrendous crime, but horrendous and Islam seem to go hand in hand.

That there is such a disregard for the lives of innocents among Islamists is seen daily in how often they set off bombs that kill and mangle those of their own faith, of any age, any sex, and any ethnic background. The one thing in common throughout the Middle East besides the violence, is that almost all of it is perpetrated by the followers of Islam. The one thing seemingly in common about religious violence throughout the world is that the majority seems to be perpetrated by Islamists. It is not a religion of peace, hell it is not a religion at all as I see it. Rather I see it as a plague that needs to be cured, but that is just this man's opinion.

Be safe,
Glenn B