Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Public Service Announcement To All Men

Don't forget - Valentine's Day is on February 14th. Here is a little reminder to help you keep it in mind, it's quite the seasonal piece:

Just as a side note, Fur Elise has always been my favorite Beethoven piece and that's no shit.

All the best,
Glenn B

Why I Am Not A Do It Yourselfer

I believe in Murphy's Law. I am also a realist, at least to some degree, especially about my capabilities as me being a confident home improvement DIY type of guy. I am not. Sure, I do some minor things around the house. I can paint but I suck at plastering (unless I am getting plastered). I probably can even put up a wall fairly well and plumb (anyway a contractor once told me I had done a great job at three of them I had put up in my basement remodeling attempt that took me three years and was never completed until we hired the contractor). Yep, besides not having much confidence in my handyman skill set, I am also The Great Procrastinator. Again though, let me reiterate, I believe in Murphy's Law and I often have that feeling that any such job, that I attempt, will come out wrong - very wrong. So I avoid DIY crap as much as possible.

Too bad the guy in the photo didn't follow suit. He was a DIY type and apparently is also the perfect example of why all that DIY stuff is best left to the professionals.
Yes, that is a section of steel rebar that has pierced his head.  It fell from above as he was demolishing his house or part of it. You can read more info and see a video, here, of rescuers cutting the bar somewhat before he was transported to another hospital where the bar was surgically removed. Why they cut off a small section of bar like that, instead of just bringing him to another more suitable hospital immediately boggles my mind. Reportedly, he survived and was doing well after the incident, that is also pretty mind boggling.
So, I usually stay away from all that DIY home improvement (or in this case home demolition) stuff and hopefully am better off for it.
All the best,
Glenn B

Kanye Who?

I am none to sure of who is Kanye East (or was that West) except that he is (or is married to) an entertainer. I did see him on television a day or two ago, on the so called news, acting like a totally childish and disrespectful jerk-off during some award ceremony. He was saying the award that some guy named Beck (?) had just won should go to Beyondsay Beyoncé (yes I have an idea of who she is). Anyway, this video about sums up the whole way I feel about Kayne East West.

All the best,
Glenn B

This Day In History (Actually Yesterday Now) - Bubble Butt Lover's Paradise Came To Be

February 9, 1895 probably was pretty much just another day when William G. Morgan rolled out of bed in Holyoke, MA. Before that day had ended though, he had unwittingly (or maybe he was smarter than I give him credit) had created a new sport that would enthrall men up to and including this very day and probably for at least centuries into the future as long as women are playing it. While working at a YMCA he came up with the idea for the game of Mintonette and men have never looked at more women's backsides since. Never heard of it - sure you have but by another name, just look below and the name will come right to you:


Yep, he invented Volleyball. As you can see, it's a sport in which women have long loved to participate and I can assure you that men have long loved to watch (as long as women are playing). At first, the gals wore loose skirts when they played and that later changed to modest shorts and tee shirts but over the years it has morphed to something that a true ass man can sink his eye teeth into. Enjoy:


How can you blame the average guy for gawking when even our former president GWB can't seem to get enough of it:

Yes men, this gal seems to be indicating we have a lot to look forward to with volleyball butt...

...I don't think you can fault me for looking behind...
...again and again!
Any angle you look at it from though, we have this man to thank on this day (actually yesterday now) in history - February 9, 1895!
William G. Morgan - apparent ass lover and
the creator of volleyball. More on volleyball here.
 Hell, there should be a holiday in his honor and a statue of him surrounded by bubble butts at every venue in which they hold volleyball games. God bless him because he gave us this:


All the best,
Glenn B