Thursday, October 3, 2013

I Have Sworn Off Of Buying Any Ammo For A Month...

...this is going to be like all of the trials of Hercules, rolled into one task, for me. At the end of a month, I will either prove to be a man of steely reserve or one of more malleable lead wearing a copper jacket.

All the best,
Glenn B

Holy Egregious Eons Batman...

...I am about to turn 58 (in a day or three or five but I am not telling). Add the digits of 58, the sum equals 13. This is going to be one bad arsed mother of a birthday for me - lucky number 13. Yee haaaaa!

Mother, I am getting old, ain't I!

All the best,

Fruit of the Week - Don't Try This Drink Mix...

...unless you have little regard for your taste buds. Then again, who knows, you may like it:

2 tablespoons of 'Real Lemon', lemon juice

2 tablespoons of Grade A dark amber maple syrup

2 ounces of chilled water

2 ounces of vodka (your choice but I used Svedka - because it was from my son's stash)

I was debating on adding 2 tablespoons of honey and wish I would have done it but I drank it anyway.

It was depressingly too much like some kind of medicine, or health tonic, your mother (back in the early 1960's) would have made you drink - except for the fact it had a good dollop of booze in it. Then again, back in the 60s, so too did a lot of meds and health tonics. Of course, cod liver oil was never this good.

Even if the taste was not quite as I had desired, the effects were pretty good, and the taste not really all that bad, especially considering I had a few shots of straight Svedka Vodka (product of Sweden) before that mix.

As for my weekly Fruit of The Week Drink, I guess this was it. After all, even if maple syrup does not count as a fruit, lemon juice most certainly does!

All the best,
Glenn B

Has The Revolution Begun?

I would have preferred for the SOCIALIST ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL SCUM to have fired on us first but maybe it is just as well if we take the first shot, into us as opposed to from us. Of course, it is possible this woman was just an absolute loon, being she had a very young child in the car with her. If that is the case, what a sad story.

If on the other hand, she was in control of her faculties and just a patriot who was pursued by the tyrants for no just cause then I have had or more than enough and if it has come to that, I am ready and know which side is the only one to take. God bless America and I say that as a true Constitutional Patriot. Still though, I am upset to hear that a child was in the car.

Also, if the woman was a loon, sorry to hear that an officer was injured. However, if she just started the revolution, I MAY STILL BE SORRY ABOUT THE OFFICER BUT IT HAS TO BE UNDERSTOOD THAT BAD SHIT HAPPENS, ON BOTH SIDES, IN REVOLUTIONS FOR FREEDOM. FUCK THE OPPRESSORS.

Of course, if the feds are bullshitting, and this is not as reported, then FUCK OBAMA as usual. Heck, fuck him no matter what - he is a socialist/commie/Muslim piece of dirt, in my opinion.

All the best,

Bow Hunting

I used to bow hunt, many years ago. Never got a deer that way but bagged a rabbit or three. Then I let my interest in archery fall by the wayside along with my archer's skills. I still have a compound bow somewhere, was going to get new cable and string for it a couple or few years back until the guy in the pro-shop told me they wanted about $250 to tune up the bow. I could have bought a new one for that price, on sale, in the same shop - go figure. I probably should have dug out the instructions, they are around here somewhere, and done it myself but I just could not seem to get motivated to get back into it. Even after thinking that my son might like it, the incentive was lacking.

Somehow though, incentive to get back into it popped up today!

I may just have to search for the bow, the arrows, all the accessories and those instructions, look a this poster again, and maybe again, and yet again, and maybe even go out buy a new cable and string. Then I could look at the poster a few more times, and maybe wind up being motivated enough to tune up the bow myself. 

Of course, if that doesn't work, I could give a few looks at this one for additional motivational support.

All the best,
Glenn B