Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fruit of the Week - Don't Try This Drink Mix...

...unless you have little regard for your taste buds. Then again, who knows, you may like it:

2 tablespoons of 'Real Lemon', lemon juice

2 tablespoons of Grade A dark amber maple syrup

2 ounces of chilled water

2 ounces of vodka (your choice but I used Svedka - because it was from my son's stash)

I was debating on adding 2 tablespoons of honey and wish I would have done it but I drank it anyway.

It was depressingly too much like some kind of medicine, or health tonic, your mother (back in the early 1960's) would have made you drink - except for the fact it had a good dollop of booze in it. Then again, back in the 60s, so too did a lot of meds and health tonics. Of course, cod liver oil was never this good.

Even if the taste was not quite as I had desired, the effects were pretty good, and the taste not really all that bad, especially considering I had a few shots of straight Svedka Vodka (product of Sweden) before that mix.

As for my weekly Fruit of The Week Drink, I guess this was it. After all, even if maple syrup does not count as a fruit, lemon juice most certainly does!

All the best,
Glenn B

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