Monday, December 1, 2014


Then again - fuck everything. I am in a foul mood tonight.

I suppose this article had something to do with getting me fired up but I was already pissed when I walked in the door after work tonight and it had to do with reports about the racists in Fergusson (the protesting ones). It just got whole shitload worse when I read that article.

By the way, if those reported black and Hispanic suspects pieces of shit in St. Louis, MO who allegedly killed the white guy with hammers yesterday, pounding on him repeatedly with them, were not doing so for racial motives, if that was not a bias and hate crime, if that was not related to Fergusson - well then - if I were to call every black protestor in Fergusson a nigger, it would not be racist either - right (sarcastically rolling eyes now)! Well, of course, that's not right but let's face it folks - in the media and in the eyes of politicians and bureaucrats and in the eyes of most African Americans (or so it seems) it is only a racist crime if it was committed by a white man (or maybe an Asian) against a black man. If it is a black man who committed the crime against a white man, then even when it was obviously racist, it is almost guaranteed to be called just about anything but racism and I say FUCK THAT TOO.

This bullshit is sickening and needs to end now or we will have to live with the consequences which I imagine will not be without mass violence on a scale not seen in at least decades if not longer.