Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Never Having Owned A Firearm Made By FN...

...I have had almost zero interest in them. I suppose maybe for that reason alone I never before today heard much about them as to how well or badly they are manufactured. Today I was watching a video on YouTube that was totally unrelated to FN pistols and after watching it clicked on a video about some guy shooting through trees. In that video, the guy who made it showed an FNX Tactical
pistol with pretty squishy grips and said to make sure to watch his initial video about that; so I did just that.

In fact, I watched his initial video about a problem he had discovered with his FNX Tactical pistol's grips and then watched a follow-up video as well. 

I have to mention, these videos are just over three years old and I suppose FN had a lot of time to address the problem of the squishy grips. Yet, the videos almost assure that I'd never buy be extremely hesitant before buying one of their pistols because I think it was piss poor quality control for the factory to have allowed a pistol, like the one he showed in the first video, out into the market. Then again, I find it amazing that the second FNX tactical pistol he showed in the second video allegedly was FN's solution to the problem.

Just in case you are more interested in watching him shooting a tree, you can watch this one:

All the best,
Glenn B