Saturday, March 22, 2014

LA Makes It Harder For A Ho To Earn Mo

What is a self respecting ho to do if she wants to better her financial situation by prostituting herself while on the dole in Louisiana? Thanks to LA state government she no longer will be allowed to pay for tattoos (to beautify her skin), visits to nail salons (to make it easier for her to hook customers with her painted nails), jewelry (to give her some extra sparkle) or lingerie (to prance around it while plying her street corner trade) . So, how in hell is she supposed to earn any extra money off the books and on her back (or knees) to support her own drug habit let alone buy high end Nikes for her 6 illegitimate kids! I like the new regulation and am also pretty impressed by the penalties for violations: "Violators of the new regulations will stop receiving welfare benefits for a year for a first offense, two years for a second offense and permanently for a third offense, according to the social services department." More here.  

If I was wearing a hat, I would doff it to the state of Louisiana! It's about time that someone puts a stop to totally wasting the tax payers' hard earned money there and everywhere.

All the best,
Glenn B