Monday, May 29, 2023

The Normalization of Pedophilia - It Can Be Stopped

I believe: that pedophiles - a group which has for years been silently infiltrating society and becoming a bit bolder as each year passes and who have been getting jobs as: medical practitioners, educators, clergy, politicians, home maintenance employment (plumbers, electricians, carpenters etc.), law enforcement, retailers and just about any other position you can think of where they come in fairly frequent contact with children - have become emboldened by the apparent acceptance of other weirdos by liberals/leftists/democrats on the whole. It is becoming evident that they now feel a certain amount of liberty to come out with actions that they believe will help to ease pedophilia into being, if not outright acceptable - then tolerable to other folks including those of the conservative ilk sooner or later. 
If you don't see that as happening, think of queer bashing (I am in no way making an endorsement of physical queer bashing just stating what I believe is factual). It for the most part is a thing of the long gone past both in its physical & philosophical forms, and those on the right mostly tolerate (to some fair extent) queers, lesbians, gays or whatever word salad they want to call themselves today.They used the oft used methods of the communists to get to where they are today, tolerated at least to a fair extent if not outight accepted by most people in the USA.
Slowly infusing their lifestyle into society seemingly is how communists and other leftists work to instill their belief systems into a society that they are obviously incapable of taking over by force (such as the USA). It ostensibly is no different for how pedophiles seem to be trying to find tolerance for what amounts to their disgusting, immoral and illegal perversions. So, now that the so called LGBTuvwyz and such are mostly tolerated and since the latest transgender self mutilation by proxy lifestyle insanity is also seemingly becoming acceptable to liberals (maybe even preferable to many of the left), I think the pedophiles see themselves as the next group to succeed in at least becoming tolerated if not actually legitimized under the law. In effect, they evidently push sexual instruction onto young children in schools. This is as their allies in the groups mentioned above give them their support and spew forth support forth what I can only see as truly mind boggling mentally ill behavior. That would be behaviors such as teaching children they can become another gender either mentally (through brainwashing in secret meetings at school or elsewhere) or physically (through surgery) and then have the audacity to put on female impersonator shows for school aged kids in the hopes that children will choose to have themselves surgically mutilated. To what end!
I think, what they hope for in the end is to be allowed to freely engage in sexual conduct with children without fear of reprisal and that right now they see the opportunity to be able to do so materializing soon because all this other, in my opinion, mentally ill behavior has been accepted by those I think are liberal psychos who freely support others like themselves in their quest to destroy conservatism and free will. The pedophiles also see that all too many on the right (and independents) do little to nothing to prevent it. Not only are they and their allies pushing to teach our children that this outrageous behavior is normal by continuously & openly inundating our children with it but now they in sum & substance are saying that children are not a parent's to bring up but essentially belong to the state. That would have been unfathomable 15 or 20 years ago except to extremists on the left but now it appears to be a widespread belief ever since that politician, who thankfully lost her bid to be president, said: 'children need a village to raise them' (or whatever words she used but that was the drift). Political hacks like her make me truly hope there is a hell and if I wind up therein, I hope to become her (and other leftists) eternal tormentor.

The shining light of hope, that our children will be saved from these evidently very mentally sick types, does exist though. It is in the form of boycotts right now that for the first time in a long time seemingly are being undertaken by millions of fed up Americans and also possibly by millions of others worldwide. They are having a very positive effect but we must keep them going ad infinitum for these companies that support these leftist ideals. The thing is - I think we need to boycott not only products from companies like Bud Lite, as I see it, but we should be boycotting all (as in each and every one) of the products of the entire corporate empire that owns Bud Lite. For me, that goes for other companies too such as: Nike, Kohl's,Target and any other companies or corporate entities that push any form of perversions of nature onto our children and or who also support the state becoming the caretakers of our children while at the same time destroying not only the rights of parents with respect to their children but are obliterating the whole idea of family structure as well while wanting to destroy our Constitutional rights (i.e.: gun control advocates, those who oppose free speech, those who support defunding law enforcement, supporters of over taxation, and so on) while being easy of criminals who commit heinous crimes of various natures. 
We can fight back with boycotts that will place a lot of pressure on these companies and will in the end cause them to cease these evident abusive policies by which they target our children, our families, parents and our Constitutional rights. We can do other things also such as: creating political pressure (it takes a few minutes to write a letter or a email - one of either can be copied and mailed to every one of your political representatives in only a few minutes more), take part in individual or group protests such as in schools at PTA & school board meetings, group protests outside of state capitals, marches through your local communities and so on, monetary donations made to politicians & groups that support parental rights and that oppose things like trans-gender brainwashing, voting for candidates who are solidly behind parental rights and who oppose this child targeting insanity. Sitting around doing nothing accomplishes nothing for us or our children and allows the leftists & perverts to advance their sick practices. Do something (anything legal and make sure to keep it legal) to support the cause of sanity in regard to our children, parents, families and rights because if you do nothing the pedophiles. other sickos & leftists will succeed in destroying the United States of America.

All the best,
Glenn B