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My bet is that this very lucky asshole truly believes he did such a good job that he would try it again. He has a lot of potential to become a future Darwin Award winner. I have to admit though, until then, he does get bragging rights for that one.

A hat tip to Pete A. for that one.

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God Bless America

They Got The Bastard - Boston Bomber In Custody

Fox News is reporting, at about 2045 hours, that they got him, he is alive and in custody. Reportedly, the Boston Police sent in a negotiator and he was soon thereafter taken into custody. As much as I would like to have seen him killed, I know he is much more valuable to us alive, that is if he talks. If he lawyers up, we are in for millions in tax dollars being wasted and we would have been better off had he not surrendered and fought it out. Of course, if he does clam up, it is possible that a fellow inmate may do the right thing and end our problem.

I can now turn off the television and get Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera out of my life for now. How Fox News keeps Rivera on their show is beyond me; I think him about one of the biggest arsehats in the media and certainly the biggest working for Fox.


Suspect Is Down - Fox News Reporting At 1912 Hours April 19th

Fox News is reporting that a source within the MA State Police has reported to them that the suspect is down. What happened is that a boat, on a trailer in a backyard, had been searched by police, but a woman (the owner?) saw the boat's door had been opened and blood was at the site subsequent to the search. She called police to come back and they responded. A Fox reporter says he then heard about 20-30 shots in that area. Then the information came into Fox News, from their source, saying the suspect is down. It is unknown if he is dead or not and the police are reportedly going to send in a robotic device to check on his condition - who can blame them for their caution! This is in Watertown, MA and is unconfirmed at the moment.
One can hope.

EDITED AT 1935 TO ADD: Suspect is still alive inside the boat. He is surrounded by law enforcement. I would think a well placed flash-bang grenade or three would more than do the trick and make it safe for officers to enter and scoop him up but who can tell if he had time to rig any booby traps with explosives.

The woman who called in the suspect's location deserves the thanks of every citizen in this country and also deserves a nice fat reward! 
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Today In History - A Fitting Day To Kill A Terrorist

I find it historically significant and rather fitting that one of the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon was gunned down in a hail of police bullets today and am hopeful that his brother is captured or also gunned down before the day is over. Today, April 19th is a very significant day in the history of the United States of America. It is the day, that the shot heard round the world was fired. That shot being the one that commenced the Revolutionary War of American Independence when British troops advanced on Lexington Common and were met by armed resistance in the form of American Minutemen (the militia of that day). That was April 19, 1775. Note that Lexington in question was in Massachusetts, quite near to where the bomber who met his demise, today, was gunned down.

Then, in 1897, on this day, the very first Boston Marathon was run. Many other Boston Marathons, throughout the years, have been run on this date because of the historical significance of this being the original Patriots' Day. I believe it was not until the 1970's that the running of the Boston Marathon on April 19th was changed to coincide with Patriots' Day being changed to the third Monday of April.

Amazingly enough, on this day in 1939, 148 years late, Connecticut finally approved the Bill of Rights.

Then there was the end of the 51 day federal government siege of the Branch Davidians compound in Waco, TX, in 1993. It is believed that either tear gas canisters, fired by law enforcement, or the Branch Davidians themselves, caused a fire burning the compound to the ground and killing over 70 of the occupants including men, women and children. That was one of the more shameful episodes in the history of federal law enforcement, in my opinion.

In 1995, terror struck America in Oklahoma City, on April 19th, when a truck bomb exploded killing 168 people and wounding 500 at the federal building there. Timothy McVeigh, the main perpetrator, named the Waco incident as his  primary motive for the Oklahoma City bombing. Amazingly enough, McVeigh seemingly is one of the first conservatives to have committed an act of terrorism against the United States, certainly at least in recent memory.

Sadly, April 19, 2013 will be added to that list as the day on which at least one of the Boston Marathon bombers was killed. Of course, I am not saying it is a sad day because he was terminated but it certainly is a sad day because what took place today was the result of a cowardly attack against unarmed, unsuspecting, innocent
people just a few days earlier. It is also sad because at least one police officer lost his life today in the manhunt for the terrorists and another was critically injured.

There are many other things of note that have taken place on April 19th throughout world history, many of them involving the United States. If you wish to see a long list of them, go to this link:

Maybe this day in history, April 19, 2013, will end on a positive note and the second bomber will either be captured or gunned down as he resists arrest, with no other civilians or others in law enforcement being injured. While I wish that they will be able to just put an end to it by gunning him down, I realize the importance of getting him alive for the intelligence he may be able to supply about others who conspired in the Boston Marathon Bombing. Either way, I hope no other innocents are killed or injured and I hope it is over before the day ends.

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WANTED MAN - Boston Marathon Bomber

This is a photograph of the surviving Boston Marathon Bomber, identified as Dzhokhar (pronounced Jo-Kar) Tsarnaev, 19 years old. He is considered armed and dangerous, if you see him, as much as you may want to take him out, don't try to be a hero (well unless maybe you have a surprise can't miss shot). Seriously folks, - just call the police and you will be hero enough. He and his brother already have killed at least 4 people and injured hundreds and he is surely willing to take more lives.

For more pictures of the wanted man, go to:

Hopefully they will take him soon. I am already sick of hearing about what great guys were he and his brother  and how surprised were all of their family and friends that they could be the bombers. So, the sooner they get him, the sooner the bullshit about him will end.
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Glenn B

One Bomber Dead - The Other Being Hunted Down Like A Mad Dog

Sometimes, it seems, my wishes do come true. Yesterday, I wished that the FBI had gotten it right on the two suspects whose photographs they had released. "I hope they have indeed identified them and are that much closer to hunting them down and swiftly bringing them to justice but to tell the truth, I have to wonder!" Apparently they hit the nail on the head and got the identification correct, good for them and good for the United States of America!


Sadly, before they caught up with them, the two suspects, who were brothers, killed a university police officer on Thursday night, shortly after the FBI had identified them. The officer was responding to a call about a disturbance. (Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.) After that, they hijacked a vehicle without harming the owner and law enforcement
somehow caught up with them early this morning. The suspects reportedly threw explosives, from the stolen vehicle, at the police as the police pursued them. A raging gun battle ensued. Another police officer was critically wounded during the gun battle and pursuit (please keep him in your thoughts and prayers). The result, the good guys won, justice was served and one of the brothers was fatally shot and later died in the hospital (he also possibly had shrapnel wounds). The second bother escaped. He is still loose and is being searched for in the Boston area which reportedly is on total lock-down.

So far, at least half of another of my (and probably half of the nation's) wishes has come true. My words from my initial post on the bombing: "My hopes are that they catch and swiftly execute the bastard(s) who did it; hopefully in a hail of bullets as he, she or they resist arrest." They resisted arrest and one of them was shot down in a hail of police bullets. Folks - it does not get much better than that and I mean that most sincerely. There will be no long drawn out trial(s), no need to put the families though the torture of the judicial process no need to waste millions of the tax payer's money defending at least one of those scum. There was justice, swift, sure and final. You may think we will never know why they did it if both are killed but remember they are (were)Muslims possibly from Chechnya and all the why you need to know lies within their religious beliefs.

I am still hopeful that they will catch up with the other brother and that he too will resist and be shot down like a mad dog and dies at the scene. It is what the people of this great nation deserve. If it happens that way, then once again, justice will have been swift, sure and final. The only thing, I think, that would be more fitting would be to have captured both of them and to have tortured them daily throughout a life sentence in as miserable a hell hole as could be found. Since that is not going to happen, I will be happy to see the second one go out the way the first one went.

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