Friday, April 19, 2013

Suspect Is Down - Fox News Reporting At 1912 Hours April 19th

Fox News is reporting that a source within the MA State Police has reported to them that the suspect is down. What happened is that a boat, on a trailer in a backyard, had been searched by police, but a woman (the owner?) saw the boat's door had been opened and blood was at the site subsequent to the search. She called police to come back and they responded. A Fox reporter says he then heard about 20-30 shots in that area. Then the information came into Fox News, from their source, saying the suspect is down. It is unknown if he is dead or not and the police are reportedly going to send in a robotic device to check on his condition - who can blame them for their caution! This is in Watertown, MA and is unconfirmed at the moment.
One can hope.

EDITED AT 1935 TO ADD: Suspect is still alive inside the boat. He is surrounded by law enforcement. I would think a well placed flash-bang grenade or three would more than do the trick and make it safe for officers to enter and scoop him up but who can tell if he had time to rig any booby traps with explosives.

The woman who called in the suspect's location deserves the thanks of every citizen in this country and also deserves a nice fat reward! 
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