Friday, March 26, 2010

Ballseye's Guns Shots 51 - Rumors of Marlin Firearms' Demise Possibly & Hopefully Premature

The rumors on the Internet have been that Marlin Firearms is about to close its doors for good. While there is some bit of truth to this - it seems to miss the mark. Even though it does appear that the corporation that owns the Marlin name will be closing the New Haven, Connecticut plant by next year, it does not look like that Marlin is going belly up. It seems it is instead relocating and cutting costs. That is still a shame because Marlin was founded in New Haven and has been there since 1870 when John Marlin first opened the factory. See the story here:

Hopefully this will not cause an ultimate closure of all marlin operations. They make some really good guns. I won at least two of them right now and have owned at least two others in the past. It would be a real crying shame if the best lever action rifles available to the regular working guy/gal were to be taken off of the market (then again it would be a shame to lose any of their products since they make some good semi-autos and bolt actions too). Their rifles have been appreciated by shooters for many a year and the fact that have made quality firearms that shoot where you aim can be attested to by this statement:

"The company says its lever action 22 repeater was a favorite gun of Annie Oakley."

If they were good enough for Little Sure Shot, you can bet they are good enough for me. I hope they stay in business. If I win the Mega Millions for a huge take someday, maybe I'll by the company and send it back to New Haven where it belongs.

All the best,
Glenn B