Thursday, February 6, 2020

Zastava M70 Pistol - Disassembly & Assembly

Well, I finally got around to cleaning my second Zastava M70 pistol; I cleaned the first one a couple of weeks ago. There was no way I would have figured out how to do it without some instructions (well I might have after awhile since it's not difficult at all but it would have been trial and error trying to get there). While you can find a couple to maybe several videos on the subject online, there was one at YouTube that showed almost a complete disassembly. I say almost complete because it did not show how to remove the firing pin (and I'd sure like to know how to get out any remaining Cosmoline like gunk) and how to disassemble the hammer mechanism (if even possible as it appears as a sealed unit). Regardless, the video in question was excellent nonetheless for all the steps to take most of it apart and then get it back together. 

Own a Zastava M70 pistol? If so, and you need to disassemble it and put it back together again, then have a watch this video - maybe a little long but lots of detail and that is a good thing. Don't be fooled by the video shot below, that is a  still of a different pistol:

February 9, 2020, Edited to Add:

By the way, when I purchased these they were advertised as being:


These pistols are not new as far as I can tell. The fact is, to me, they appear to have been lightly used. I am in no way saying the dealer used false advertising when selling these, they were probably told they were new and maybe some in their stock were new but evidently at least not the two I received. Here is why I think so: On each of the two I bought, there is evidence of wear on the slide rails of the frame and on the inside of the slide. There also was fouling in the bore and chamber and fouling in each magazine (even though each pistol and both mags with each gun had Cosmoline (or the equivalent, on them). While the fouling could have been solely from an initial test fire, the fact of the finish wear on the slide rails and such probably indicates otherwise. Though, I suppose that could have also come from test firing but, while it is not bad, it seems a bit much to be from test firing. Each also has small scratches and or dings in the exterior finish of the slide and frame finish. 

If I was gong to associate the word 'new' with them, it would be to say 'almost as good as new'; that of course being in my estimation. All things considered though, both were in what I am guessing is 95-98% cosmetic condition and nonetheless they were an excellent deal for the price.

All the best,
Glenn B