Thursday, September 13, 2012

Still Cancer Free - Maybe At least In Part Due To The Efforts of Guys Like Jay G

Yesterday, I got some good news from my chemo oncologist; the CT Scan I had to undergo on Monday came back negative. In other words, since my first post treatment PET and CT scans, back in March 2012, I am still cancer free.

Along the lines of people staying cancer free, if you have ever considered donating to cancer research with the hope of kicking cancer's ass, why not consider donating through Jay G of MArooned. He is doing a very good thing this month and has been and will be Kilted To Kick Cancer for the entirety of this month. Yes, that means that Jay G is donning a man-skirt for the whole month, every day, in order to try to persuade folks to donate to kick cancer's ass. It also probbaly  means he may have blue balls for at least some of the month, what with with the recent chill in the air and wearing a kilt meaning he is not wearing anything under it.

As much as I kid him about that, and I do so pretty relentlessly - all kidding side - I have to repect him for his decision to go out and actually try to make a difference in the fight against cancer. If you would like to show that you respect and support him for making the effort, and if you want to help in the war against cancer, you can donate to help kick cancer('s ass) via his website or these two links which are his donation portals through Livestrong and The Prostate Cancer Foundation. I am not sure but I think that the money donated to either goes to fight prostate cancer since September is Prostate Cancer Awareess month or something like that. (And there I was, for oh so many years, thinking that it was just a month with excellent weather) in which one safely could eat oysters.) Even though prostate cancer is far from the variety of cancer that I had last year, it that mattered little to me in my decision to make a couple of donations by way of Jay's donation pages at Livestrong and The Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Be advised, if you donate by way of Jay's kilted to kick cancer efforts, I think that makes you eligible to be entered into the chance to win some nice prizes that were donated by others to Jay's fund raising efforts. See his site for more info. Regardless, the money is going to a good cause, to help kick cancer's ass.

All the best,
Glenn B

Crested Gecko With Pronounced Underbite

I took this picture to email to a friend of mine who is an expert breeder of Crested Geckos to find out if this lizard's under bite is indicative of a deeper problem or just possibly an anomaly about which I need not worry. I have fed it well using Rapashy Crested Gecko Diet, baby food such as peaches, pureed fruit and live insects (such as blaberous roaches). So, I am very doubtful that the condition is related to its diet. There is a chance that the condition was caused by this gecko fighting with one of its cage mates or due to some other type of injury but I kind of doubt it. I suspect it may be genetic in nature.

I am not all that concerned as the gecko seems to be in otherwise excellent health.

Other than the under bite, get a load of that eye ball. Their eyes always amaze me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Is This Supposed To Make It All Better

A guy reportedly holds up a sign apologizing for the murders of 4 of our citizens and now what? Are we supposed to be suckered into believing that such killings are not the way of Islam. It happens over and over and over and over again when Muslims become upset that someone has insulted them, their religion, their prophet or their god. Now they, or at least one of them, has taken the Obama ploy of an apology and he expects what in return, that we will forgive those murderous bastards. If it was up to me a bath in pigs blood would be in order just before the executions of those responsible for the deaths of our State Department personnel in Libya.

I have only absolute loathing for, what I believe to be, a plot to conquer the world that is disguised as a religion of peace and I have little more feelings than loathing for those who keep making excuses for it.

By the way, while that lone Muslim was apologizing, yet another U.S. embassy was stormed by Muslims, this time in Yemen. So tell me again, how is that not the way of Islam!

Source of photo:

All the best,
Glenn B

Supposedly The World's Fattest Dachshund

I currently keep several pets. I have kept many varieties of animals from roaches to fish to amphibians to reptiles to birds to small mammals to cats and dogs. Some were pets, others were feeder animals for other animals in my collection (yes, the roaches for animals like lizards), others were food animals for people (as in for me – no not the roaches). While I like keeping and breeding animals, also like eating them. I fish and hunt when I can. I buy ad eat meat regularly. I am not an animal rights advocate and rarely do I write about pet owners whom I believe are absolute assholes. I thin groups like PETA are full of jerks and assholes.

Today though, I saw what I believe to be proof that some people simply should not be allowed to keep a pet. Watch the video and I think you will see what I mean. Make sure to read the note about why vets believe this dog became grossly overweight. I would not have thought anyone quite that fucking stupid as the vets or the owners - I mean did the vets actually have to explain that the dog was overfed for anyone but the owners to have realized that gross overfeeding would lead to gross obesity!

Listen to the woman in the video when she tells the dog that was a lot of work. I get the gut feeling (no pun intended) that she thinks she did the work instead of the dog having done it. I now think it is obvious that at least this particular dog’s owner(s) was/were stupider than stupid could have been imagined and that maybe they should be held liable for the terrible care that must have been given to this dog to allow it to get that damned fat and they should never again be allowed to own and care for an animal.

I do not know if the woman heard in the video is the owner. I am guessing she is though. When you watch the video, there is an additional clue about the suitability of that woman heard, or anyone like her, as a pet owner. She sounds repulsed when she asks the dog are you gonna pee again. Listen to how her voice changes in tone. If it was up to me, the dog would be seized from the owner(s) who allowed it to get that fat and they would be permanently banned from ever again being allowed to have an animal under their care. Add to that making her eat about 100 Twinkies a day for three months and the punishment might fit the transgression. Imagine a dachshund needing to lose 40 pounds. Unfriggin believable.

All the best,
Glenn B