Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow - No Blogging Since Saturday!

That must be a record for me. I'd be willing to bet my wife would give almost all she had to hear me shut up for that long.

As for the blogging, I have been kind of busy, lots of different things have kept me preoccupied. Not necessarily important things mind you, but certainly issues which have had my mind elsewhere than here. If you were to place all of those issues in juxtaposition to my blog I suppose some would be more important and others, well let's just say they would be not so much a waste of my time as idle pursuits. One of them, a total waste of time, but lots of fun, has been Fallout 3. Others have not been so trivial but not of much import either.

While whatever it is that has been keeping me from blogging may linger a day or two longer, it will be banished from my thoughts by the weekend and I promise, barring further disturbance of my literary faculties, to blog up a storm over the coming weekend.

All the best,
Glenn B