Wednesday, September 11, 2019

18 Years Ago Today - Some People Did Something

Let us never forget what was the "something" they did - they attacked the United States of America and killed thousands of our people in a sneak attack more heinous than any before it. Let us never forget who were the "some people" who did it (and make no mistake of it) - they were  Islamic Extremists who wanted to destroy us. That is a plain and simple truth - they are the some people that did something - something very horrible - and they were and remain our enemy. Most importantly let us never forget those of us who fell - that last is truly the most important of all. Also remember forever that there were those of us who came together as one America to fight evil and there were those of us who tried and continue to try to distort the reality of what happened.

Remember, never forget. If you are prone to prayer then pray for the souls of all those who lost their lives. If you are not one who prays then keep them in your thoughts. Live your lives as if their lives mattered - each and every one of them regardless of race, color, creed, ethnic background, sex (M, F or H[hermaphrodite]), political leaning, what color uniform they wore, what job they held,their nationality or their citizenship - they were all victims of these evil barbarians. Live as free Americans who love and honor this country, our Constitution and those of us who fell on 9/11. That my friends will be the right thing to do for your children to see the truth about this great nation and for them to learn how to be real Americans.

All the best,
Glenn B