Monday, June 22, 2020

A Promise To Myself Fulfilled

About 45 years ago, plus or minus a couple of years maybe, three of my pals and I set off on a road trip to Missoula, Montana. Along the way, we went through South Dakota. We were on a road, probably less than 10- miles from Mt. Rushmore National Memorial and about to pass an intersection with a road that would bring us to the memorial and that same road paralleled ours more or less and would have brought us back to the highway we were on, further along our way, after seeing Mt. Rushmore. I wanted to see it but was out voted three to one. That was a shame and a big disappointment for me that I never forgot and in fact, I promised myself and swore to myself - I would get back to see it. 

Well, today, after a long wait, I finally got there but this time round along with my son Brendan. I could not have had better company with whom to share the experience.

It was an awesome sight and is an exceptional tribute to four GREAT men who helped create, form, build and preserve the greatest nation on the earth - the United States of America. If by any chance the mindless anti-American fiends who are removing and or destroying monuments in this country ever attempt to deface it, I would gladly volunteer to help defend it. It was that amazing as are our country and our Constitution.

All the best,
Glenn B