Monday, July 6, 2020

A Rainy & Gloomy Day Made Gloomier - Charlie Daniels Is Gone

I had been thinking, just a few moments ago, that today could not be much gloomier. It's pouring here where I live and despite the rain it's still 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humid as all hell. Then, while taking a break from cleaning house I sat down to my laptop, went to a gun fotrum for a bit, and saw a post about Country/Rock/Bluegrass music legend Charlie Daniels having passed away today at age 83. My heart sank. I let my son know via a text message and my bet is I ruined his day but he'd have found out sooner or later.

We both saw Charlie together a few years ago and he was great and put on an excellent show. We attended two of his concerts there in the same venue, a year apart, in a fairly small theater - The NY CitiBank Theater at Westbury, NY. The first time we saw him in September 2015, along with Pat, one of Brendan's buddies. It was a double billing of The Charlie Daniels Band and The Marshal Tucker Band. Wow, what a combination and what an excellent show by both. 

Then, in September 2016, we again saw the Charlie Daniels Band, this time Zack & Pat - two of Brendan's pals came along, and again it was an excellent show. 

I am pretty sure the video clip above is from the 2016 show. Somehow, I have lost all my pictures from the show except one of me in my kilt from the 2015 show when I was Kilted To Kick Cancer's Arse. That's in a blog post from back then but I digress.

The man was a legend, he was also a great American patriot and also a second amendment advocate. To say we lost a good man is a huge understatement. He will be missed. RIP.

I guess it's just coincidence but there was one thing that brightened my day since I saw the news. While I was typing this post, the mailman came by and delivered a package that I am sure contains a Beretta 1934 pistol. Being that Charlie was a pro-gun kind of a guy, that made the news about his passing somewhat bittersweet. There was also one other thing that cheered me up a bit and brought me out of the gloom putting a smile on my face - my son answered my text, about the sad news, with this:

"Glad we saw him"

I am too, very much so because we saw him together.

All the best,
Glenn B