Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Call Boxes, Safe Zones and Whistles Better Than Guns To Defend Against Rapists?

That is, in essence, what Colorado Legislator Joe Salazar reportedly said recently as he seemingly implies that women are too stupid to know a real threat and know when to employ deadly force to protect themselves.

Just seeing him and judging by how he has dressed himself, I would guess that someone who judges books by their covers, might suspect him of being a woman hater, or a member of NAMBLA, or maybe even just a pervert of commoner sort seeking to take advantage of a woman by way of dropping a few roophies in her drink, and/or a politician. A judgemental person also probably would have thought of him as a supporter of gun-control. Finally, it might be easy for someone to have thought him an asshole just because of the gold lamé bowtie.

After me having listened to him to him on the subjects of rape and gun control on college campuses, I would have to say that, had you had such an opinion of him based only on how he appeared, I guess I would have to say 'wow, what a good judge of character are you'. Now, I am not one to judge a book by its cover nor a person solely by how he is attired. So I allow you to judge for yourselves by reading the article at this link and watching the below video.

All the best,
Glenn B