Thursday, October 9, 2008

Big Game Hunting Season - Just Around The Corner

So it is high time to get out the hunting shotgun, rifles and maybe even hunting pistols and get them cleaned up. Then a trip to the local range will be in order to make sure they are all functioning properly and that Brendan and I still know not only how to shoot em, but how to hit the target. This will be especially important with out Marlin 336 because it is scoped, and we need to assure that the scope has not been whacked out of alignment. Of course, since we will also likely hunt in a shotgun/pistol only area it will be just as important to get in lots of practice with the 870. I anticipate a couple of sore shoulders already. The pics are of Brendan with the Remington 870 in mid-recoil (note the left elbow in mid-air, and with the Marlin 336 (a posed picture).
Hopefully we will be able to get out this weekend. I am none to sure we can, my mom is not in great shape and we are trying to make long term care arrangements for her; but I am hopeful we can at least get to a local range on our way out to visit her.
I sure have enough ammo to have a decent day at the range. Well at least for the Marlin 336 in .35 Remington. I'll have to check my 12 gauge shotgun slug supply to see if I have enough; but if not well then I have over $100 in gift cards from Dick's Sporting Goods to spend on ammo.
We each have a license, and Brendan has 2 deer management permits (allowing for does to be taken), so I am hopeful we will put some venison on the table this year.
All the best,
Glenn B