Sunday, February 1, 2015

Would I Be Way Out Of Line...

...after only watching three (3) playoff football games, the two divisional championships and the Super Bowl, per year for the last 3 or 4 years, to say that it was either that the Seattle coach or the quarterback called the worst play of recent playoff history by calling for a pass when they had time for at least two ground plays tonight. Or was it that it had to have been outright payola that led to them giving the game to the Patriots?

I have seen many an arsehat football play in my life and that pass, that was intercepted with what maybe 20 seconds left in the game, had to have been one of the biggest fuckups in NFL history! Yeah, granted I am no football wizard but neither was the jerkoff that called for that play to be run. A pass! A PASS! A FUCKING PASS!!! They were simply disgraceful under pressure (or corrupt) to have called for a loser of a play as to pass in that situation - and to pass into a tight defensive field. The quarterback would have been better off just falling on the ball and moving onto the next play - they had two downs left after that one in which to try to run it in. Friggin Seattle Sore Losers (as they then started a fight as if it would help) should be their new name.

Anyway, I played $175 in pools and got $100 back. Better than losing it all. My son and I enjoyed the game at Zum's and the bill was only $90 with the tip. Considering I had to pay a 10% tip on the pool money, that left me with the $90. That was just exactly enough to pay for Zum's! Yeah, I know, had I not bet the $175 I would have been better off but the $175 wagered was already written off as a loss as soon as I bet it on Super Bowl boxes.

Luckily Brendan drove us home, I had been expecting to drive but got to have a few more biers than I expected after he made it obvious he was not drinking more than one. He had only one weiss bier during the game and drank soda and water after that. He also enjoyed a roast duck dinner, a  cup bowl of goulash soup (I had the soup too) and a freshly baked soft pretzel. But I digress, so let me get back to him driving us home. Nice to know the old man can sometimes depend on the young buck as the undesignated but self appointed driver. The only real downside for me is that it is now snowing and tomorrow morning should be a mess on the way to work (shit, I have to work tomorrow). Yet, that is another day and another story. Tonight with my son, that was GREAT!

All the best,
Glenn B

Decisions - Decisions - Decisions...

Here I am about one hour before game time with not a beer in the house but yet I do have a decent but small selection of hard stuff. Was supposed to go to Zum Stammtisch Restaurant in Glendale, with Brendan, to meet up with my brothers-in-law but they are both sick and the male heir is out cold I think and is almost definitely hung-over. Now I have to decide if I want to be bothered to go out to get some decent ale or just stay home and hit the spirits. Thing is, I am just about broke, was depending on a gift certificate I have for Zums to cover most of it for the big game. Now I have to make a decision - a tough decision at that, considering I just stuffed my face with a roast tenderloin, dumplings kraut and snow pea pods and have an apple turnover, that is still warm, awaiting me upstairs. Decisions, decisions, decisions............

Hark what is that I hear at this precise moment? It is the voice of the male heir calling me from above asking me if I still want to go to Zums. To what act of the Heavens do I owe this miracle? I guess we are going to Zums and I will use my gift certificate there after all!

All the best,

Tomorrow - The Best Holiday of Them All

Remember folks - tomorrow is the best holiday of them all. Why? Even though it's not an official holiday it is the best holiday in my book because I don't need to give gifts, thus I don't need to shop for any gifts, don't have to shop for food,  don't have to cook for guests or do the dishes, don't need to dress up for anyone, don't have to go to services, don't have to put up with any arsehat relatives who come to mooch for holiday dinner and presents, don't have to put up with any guests at all (mainly because virtually no one especially relations would bother celebrating it with me) and I don't have to drive to grandma's house (and back again) or go to see the mother-in-law (well maybe for you, mine lives with me). As opposed to even that other great holiday known as Festivus: you don't need to put up the pole, air grievances or put yourself through any feats of strength.

Yes, tomorrow is my favorite holiday of them all by far because I can celebrate it however the heck I want and so can you. In fact you don't have to celebrate it at all if you don't want to - it's optional. 

All hail the Ground Hog and his shadow! All hail Ground Hog Day!

All the best,
Glenn B