Monday, November 7, 2016

VOTE TRUMP/PENCE And Here Are The Reasons To Do So

VOTE TRUMP/PENCE. Trump is not a politician and we need to clean house, the White House, of the typical scum who have been in DC for much too long. Need I say more? If you think I should say more, let me just show you this, a Facebook post written by my friend Kirk P. He said it better than I could have said it by far:

"Final thoughts going into election day. I have spent a lot of time contemplating what this election really boils down to. Oddly, a scene from a movie kept popping into my head. I am sure most of you have seen the second Rambo movie, where he rescues the Vietnam POW's. At the very end of the movie, Rambo's Col. asks him "What is it that you want, Johnny?" Rambo motions towards the now rescued POW's and answers "I want what they want - for our country to love US as much as we love IT!". For the past 8 years, I, and millions of people like me, have been told that we are what is wrong with America. That somehow breaking our asses to try to provide a decent standard of living for our families made us Enemies of the State (or as killary called us "irredeemable deplorables"). At the same time, sexual deviants who can't figure out what bathrooms to use, spoiled brat college students who need protection from scary words, and violent protesters who openly advocate the killing of cops have all been promoted to Sainthood by this current regime which clearly stated that it intended to "fundamentally transform our nation". Well I have been observing this transformation just as you have, and I don't like it. Not one damned bit. Then Mr. Trump came along. He gave us a voice and stood up to the existing powers who are trying to say that we are hateful for wanting secure borders and a safe and orderly society for our wives and children. And we responded to Mr. Trump in a way that I haven't seen since Ronald Reagan. I was too young to vote for Reagan, and honestly the stakes were not NEARLY as high back then as they are now. Even if you don't like Trump, consider the fact that if Trump was NOT the answer you thought he would be, we get to clean house again in 4 years. BUT - If we elect Hillary Clinton, we have given tacit approval to our gov't to literally act without regard to the law, the People, or the Constitution. The corruption that Mr. Trump has exposed (WikiLeaks as well), will be so deeply entrenched in 4 years of killary at the helm that we will never be able to recover from it. And to those who supported Bernie? I will tell you straight up that although I disagree with him on pretty much everything, our country would have been far better off with a Sanders administration than it will with a Clinton regime. And it has been proven that Bernie very well may have been the nominee if the primary was not rigged against him. And now you are going to vote for Hillary? That has to be like being forced to marry your rapist. But tomorrow we have the opportunity to stop all of this dead in it's tracks, and I pray that all of you will see fit to oppose the most corrupt human being that has ever run for high office. Electing Mr. Trump will put every single establishment politician in this country on notice - they will see that we ARE paying attention, and that we will no longer tolerate their crap, regardless of party affiliation. We will also be giving the finger to a media who is supposed to be our watchdog, but has become corrupted to such a degree that they don't even PRETEND to be neutral anymore. In closing - we have a chance to right a whole bunch of wrongs tomorrow. And if you DO vote for Clinton for ANY reason, do not DARE ever say "they're all crooks, it doesn't matter who you vote for". Because tomorrow we have the opportunity to vote for someone who is decidedly NOT "the same as every other politician" - just the fact that the establishment of BOTH parties have done all they could to stop him is irrefutable proof of that. So tomorrow, let's all give a great big middle finger to the corrupt powers that be - LET'S VOTE TRUMP!!!" (Reprinted with permission of the author.)

That was well thought out, logical, sensible, forceful, and just friggin excellent reasoning as to why any American voter with at least half a brain should vote for the Trump/Pence ticket.

All the best,
Glenn B