Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Fox News - Who Else Is Sick of...

 ...having to enter your email address, then needing to check your email to log into Fox, before you can read article they have selected to require entering it? I am a registered user of Fox New but even if I am signed on to it, Fox is requiring me (and I suppose everyone else) to enter your email address, then wait for an email, then sign onto Fox from a link in the email before you are allowed to read many articles on their site. Their site for them to do as they please but if this continues they will  be losing me as a reader because it is my time to do as I please and it does not please me to have to enter my email address and log in from my email when I want to read an article. They sometimes, though not usually, have required it over and over again during a single session on their site. So sometimes I enter my email, log into my email and sign in via the link they sent me, then I get to read the article, read a few more and suddenly I have found find myself at yet another article again requiring me to do it all over again to read that new one. Kind of a pain in the butt. The last time I checked: One America News Network does not require any such ridiculous nonsense. This is more or less how it looks:

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As I said, even if I am logged in to my Fox account, it has required me to do so. I sent Fox an inquiry about this about a week or maybe two weeks ago or so. They have not replied. Add to their lack of respect by not replying in addition to nonsense reporting IMO and they have become much more like the National Enquirer or The Star of years gone by with the content of some of the articles they somehow believe news worthy. How many times Taylor Swift - that in my opinion mediocre voiced singer who looks to me like a busty hormonal 12 year old - (I wonder, is that why men go gaga over her because they think she looks like she is a sexed up 12 year old) - goes to a football game is not my cup of tea. Likewise how many times Fox reports on 'Am I The Asshole' reports (or whatever they are called) from Reddit is just trash reporting as far as I am concerned. I mean does anyone of even slight intelligence think that content from AITAH is really worthy of being national news when, for instance, someone asking if she is the A-hole essentially because she wants to model underwear and her husband is against it, see it here! I would not hesitate to guess there are much more important things to report about in the news. Of course, I also figure: yes it is newsworthy but only for the Mud Slinging Media, the likes CNN or MSNBC or for The National Enquirer as I see it. Most certainly, it is not suitable for what Fox once was - which was my favorite source of actually important & news worthy stories.

All the best,4
Glenn B