Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Me and My Son Have Got The Willies!

At least we don't have crabs. Now seriously, we are soon to be headed out to Radio City Music Hall in NYC. To be honest I cannot remember the last time I was at Radio City Music Hall but I am fairly certain it was to see the first run of The Sound of Music back in the 60s. What can I say, my mom dragged me along. We are going tonight and just the thought of going there, after last being there for The Sound of Music gives us the willies. Kind of ironic it is that tonight we are going there for the sound of music too - just not the play. The reason we have the willies is because we will be seeing Willie Nelson and listening to his music and words!

It is a good thing when he is up this way. I have seen him twice before in NY, once at either the Hammerstein or Grand Ballroom (they share the same building) and then at the NYCB Theater at Westbury; also saw him once in New Mexico (many, many, many years ago).

All the best,
Glenn B