Thursday, November 19, 2015

Leaving For The NY Woods Soon

Should be departing the old homestead and headed to upstate NY within a few hours at most to go  hunting. If lucky, I will be able to assemble and sight in my new Barnett jackal crossbow before tomorrow (although I doubt I will have the time but sure would like to get it done) so I can get a day of hunting in with it before rifle season opens on Saturday. If not, I'll have the Marlin 336 and Remington 870 with me anyway. Brendan will join me sometime tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the hunt. Hopefully, this year, we will get a deer or two or maybe a bear. It would be nice to get a deer that is racked! Then again, if we don't bag a nice racked buck, it might be nice to run into a hunter in the woods who is dressed in camo and racked like this:

All the best,
Glenn B