Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Brace Of Blue Steel Revolvers...

...would have made this photograph all that much better, don't ya think?

All the best,
Glenn B

I Hardly Ever Make New Year's Resolutions...

...mostly because I know I will not keep them. I am somewhat tempted though to do so this year just to see if it does any good in getting me out of my personal rut, so to speak. As it is now, and has been for way too many years, I often get a great idea to do something and while I may take some steps toward whatever end I have in mind, I often, and all too often at that, put it off until it just does not get done. In other words, I'd like to do more of what I currently just keep thinking and dreaming about. I will be making some New Year's resolutions with that goal in mind. Yeah, I know, I can make all the resolutions I want and nothing will change but I am hopeful that I will stick to my number one resolution.

Start Doing and Stop Procrastinating:  This will be my number one resolution. In essence it will be to take action on my plans and to cut out my procrastination simply by getting those things put into motion as soon as I think of them and completed as quickly as possible within a reasonable amount of time.

So, what else is there that I would like to include within my New Year's resolutions, what are the things I would actually like to get done?

Shooting: I would like to start shooting more often again. Right now I probably average about a half dozen or so local range trips a year and a few to far away ranges. I would like to start hitting the local indoor range at least once per month. I am none to sure I will wait until after New Year's day to start this one, I may go this week or next if I can get the time. Truth is I had resolved to do so a few months back and actually started shooting more often but then work screwed that up. I was working part time, on call now and again as needed, but was asked to step in and cover  full time position until they hire someone new for that spot. That ate up a lot of my time and energy and I cut back on range time.

Exercise: My working also cut back on another thing I had resolved to do about 6 to 9 months ago or so and I have since stopped going to the gym. Granted, I walk about 3 miles per day back and forth to transportation to get to and from work and that helps but it is not the same as me hitting the treadmill at the gym and doing 4 to 5 miles on a moderate incline while working up a heavy sweat. This one, I think I will slide back into easily once I am no longer working what amounts to virtually full time. I also want to go hiking at least once per month, somewhere in upstate NY.

Lose Weight: This will be the most difficult of the three I have mentioned so far. I am at least 50 to 60 pounds above what I think would be my optimal weight. I have taken off up to 35 pounds before now, only to have it sneak back onto my waste line, so I know I can do it. The thing is, when I lost weight, I was away from home for a few months on work details when I was in LE. Losing weight is pretty easy for me when I am away from all of my normal stressors. As opposed to many who stop eating when stressed, I eat more and it is usually junk food. I am hoping I can find the strength to do it, the incentive to get me motivated - maybe I should just stand naked in front of a mirror and disgust myself with what I see. That should do it but maybe I should get away from home more to help with that even if only on the weekends.

Hunt & Fish: I love hunting and fishing but yet I cannot even remember the last time I went fishing. It has to have been at least a year ago, maybe more. Hunting, yeah I just went deer hunting but I missed out on earlier opportunities to do early season bear hunting, squirrel hunting and turkey hunting. I wanted to go hunting today but did not feel up to the 3 /2 ride to my hunting grounds. I am going to resolve to go hunting or fishing at least once per month and will combine those with hiking.

Treasure Hunting: This may sound like a nothing more than a fancy and maybe it is just that but I plan to get my arse in gear and use my metal detector on some of my hiking trips in areas where I know there are archaeological sites (well, at least sites with the remains of buildings from the late 1800s and early 1900s). I also want to start going to tag and estate sales again. It is something I enjoy but something I just stopped doing after my bout with cancer.

Be A Better Husband and Father: Don't all of us who have spouses and children want to be better for them! I can improve markedly in that department especially if I talk less, listen more and have more patience in all things. This will be the hardest to accomplish because it means changing my nature, one that has developed over the past 6 decades. I can do it tough, I have been improving slowly already but I want to accelerate it before I run out of time.

I guess that is it, besides one or two resolutions for self improvement that I will not divulge pubically or even to my family. I know what they are and what has to be done to rid some skeletons from my closet, so to speak, but it will not be easy for me.

My thanks to Zack over at The Next Chapter and this blog post that he wrote for giving me the inspiration to do some resolving of my own.

All the best,
Glenn B