Friday, January 1, 2010

A Happy And Safer New Year Means Hitting Terrorists Hard

A Happy and Safe New Year to all good people. Hopefully it will be one during which we figure out how to conquer famine, drought, pollution, poverty, hatred, bigotry, religious extremism, war, lying sack of turd politicians and other such nasties. Of course, I do not believe in the faerie godmother, the Easter Bunny, or that the Ground Hog can really predict the weather (but then again he does as well or better at it than does Al Gore) - so I doubt very seriously that we will find a solution to all or even a few of the problems mentioned above.

There is one solution to which we could resort that would solve at least a couple of the problems above and that solution would be to recognize and then crush and destroy our enemies. This country may have been founded on Judeo principals but they do not always work, at least not the way the weird holy men interpret them. The whole thing about turning the other cheek is something I think they got all wrong. Yes we should turn the other cheek, but once it too is either slapped or spat upon, well then - we need to start kicking ass with the intention of making sure that the ones who just struck us twice do not get to do it a third time, maybe with fatal results. This is one of the biggest problems with the united States of America since my childhood and before. We turn the other cheek, we get hit again, we turn back the first cheek that is still red from the first slap and get yet another strike, then we turn the other cheek and have it get hit again and it seems to go on and on and on and on until maybe we strike back. The thing is when we do strike back it has been with too little, too late, to be effective. This is why the terrorists keep attacking us.

Want them to stop, then turn the other cheek but have a mean assed look on it when you turn it toward them. Wipe em out. Not nice but simple and effective. What was it that Alice Cooper sang: No More Mr. Nice Guy!

If that means collateral damage of bringing down their family members tough shit. Remember that the terrorists take refuge in mosques, schools, homes and the like. The people with whom they take refuge are not terrified by the terrorists, in fact they support them in most instances. They give them asylum. Yes, as you may have noticed, I said mosques. I am referring to Muslim terrorists who make up the great majority of the terrorist, if not the total threat, to those of us here in the USA. If it was up to me, there would be no holes left in Tora Bora or other similar places in which for them to hide unless they were bomb holes.

Is this too violent for you? Is this to un-Judeo-Christian for you? It is about the only way to win. They have already proved beyond a doubt they want to kill us. hey have already proved there is no negotiating with them. They have already proved they are willing to find dupes to blow us up. They have already proved that the odds are currently in their favor. Yes, that is correct, the odds of winning or in other words of destroying us, are in their favor. Why - because they send one bomber to kill and maim many innocents. We can increase our odds of survival by killing as many terrorists as possible. Not nice but I am sick and tired of us trying to play Mr. Nice guy to they who would annihilate us.

All the best,
Glenn B