Thursday, April 20, 2023

Transvestites, Transsexuals, Transgenders - Pretenders All & Nothing More

 The lyrics of this song, one of my all time favorites by the way, in my view pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to men supposedly becoming women and women supposedly becoming men even though it was an inadvertent connection; I am certain the Platters never even dreamed of it doing so.
Sex change, for humans, is complete and absolute bullshit. It is nothing more or less than people trying to become something they are not and never will become, that despite many of them having themselves physically mutilated by doctors who are, in my opinion, no more than sicko quacks. In my estimation, it happens because they are mentally ill and unable to cope with the world and any issues they face and they have a morbid need to have it their way no matter how unnatural. I think they are hiding from their problems, their inability to cope normally, and their failure to accept the most basic principles of self responsibility by pretending to be that which they are not - not even for a second. As I see it, that goes for the mentally ill who choose to do so to themselves and for the quacks who: encourage them to undergo such procedures against nature, perform the operations, dole out hormone therapy and whatever else they do to the poor victims who try to change their sex by way of becoming nothing more than grotesque pretenders.
Among humankind, no male is a female and no female is a male and yes there are the very few seemingly born into both sexes known as hermaphrodites but even they, for the most part, turn out to develop as one or the other and accept themselves for what they are and many supposedly accept that with which they were endowed by nature. Now some may have an operation to enhance or remove genitalia but only in as much as they developed into one sex or the other as I understand.
It truly is a sad state of affairs that some leftist loonies actually believe that an actual change of sex can occur and a so called transgender man can give birth to a baby but such have many of the people of our country (and many others) become the epitome of Bizarro World.

All the best,
Glenn B