Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Alcohol Or Mind Altering Drugs And Gunpowder Do Not Mix - It Is A Cardinal Rule Of Firearms Safety...

...and has been around for a long time, long before the so called '4 rules of firearms safety'. The importance of this rule is that the all the others often go completely disregarded once booze and/or drugs are mixed with gunpowder. I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that booze, drugs or both were involved in this shooting:


Simply amazing how friggin stupid booze and drugs can make people, then again, some people need no help at all in that regard.

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Glenn B

The Anti-Gun Mind Gone Berserk - Public Worker Reportedly Fired After Finding Gun And Turning It Over To Police

Let me tell you folks, if this story is true, as it is written right now, then someone in the Wayne County (near or part of Detroit, MI - I think) government needs to have his or her head examined and maybe deserves a good demotion or firing too. You see, a Wayne County groundskeeper was fired for possessing a gun on county property. He found the gun while doing his job and turned it over to the police. The reason the county says he was fired was reported on like this:

"According to a Wayne County spokeswoman and the rules, employees aren't allowed to possess a weapon on work property."

See: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/05/15/detroit-groundskeeper-fired-after-finding-loaded-gun-handing-it-to-cops/.

There are many reasons it is called the Loony Left, this but one of them but this one shows the left at its looniest.

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Glenn B

A Powerful Yet Brief Video About The Power Of Words And My Commentary On How It Could Change The Political World

Skip the opening advertisement and go directly to the video (which is an ad itself but a great one, maybe the best I have ever seen).

Enjoy this one, it is likely to bring a tear or two to your eyes and/or give you a certain feeling of wonderment in both your mind and your gut. Too bad most people are not really as thoughtfully intelligent as was the lady portrayed in this video, we could change the world if such was the case.

For example, think of the wonderful worldwide effect that changing one word could have if we changed just one word in the campaign slogan: "Vote Obama" to the word "Fuck...". Can you guess which word I would change?

I may have posted on this one before, if I did, well I know I did not give it the same political slant as this time. Anyway, the video is worth watching again, no matter your politics.

A hat tip to Patrick J. S. for the video link.

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Glenn B

Another Obama First? Obama Unbelievably Dropping Own Name Into Other Presidents' Official White House Biographies

This is beyond arrogance, this is totally incredible, that is until you think of President Obama's nature. Our current president, Barack Hussein Obama, has taken the liberty of, or allowed the, inputting his name into the official White House biographies of all our other presidents, with the exception of Gerald Ford, reportedly all the way back to Calvin Coolidge. See:


He then reportedly claims credit for what he seemingly would have us believe are ongoing policies, that other presidents started, by trying to equate his current policies with those of presidents past. For example, with regard to President Ronald Reagan, Obama is claiming credit for keeping alive President Reagan's turning of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day into a national holiday because Obama says he participates in services on that day. In addition, Obama says that Ronald Reagan called for a fairer tax and Obama is doing the same with the Buffet Rule. Nothing could be further from Ronald Reagan's idea of a fairer tax than the Buffet Rule as far as I am concerned; then again, no president could be further from Ronald Reagan than is Obama. See President Reagan's White House biography here, and look down to near the end under the header: Did You Know. Then try to remember that it was supposed to be an official white House biography of Ronald Reagan (which is always what it was up until recently) and not a campaign advertisement for Obama!

This simply goes to show that the man takes credit for everything he can that others created or stood for because he has little to offer himself. He is little more than a political hack and he ought to be ashamed of himself. My bet is that, he is beyond being able to feel shame because he thinks so highly of himself as to so unabashedly take credit for the ideas of others. He evidently has a problematic and rather a big and very disturbed and perverse ego or so I would think.

A hat tip to Peter Q for this one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Fishing Aboard The Captain Al - Point Lookout, NY

I took a little fishing trip yesterday. Sadly, my uncle who was here from Florida, decided not to come along for the fun.

I went over to Point Lookout, NY with every intention of going out on the Super hawk, for the first time ever but they did not sail. Instead, I had to switch over to the Captain Al at the adjacent mooring. The Super hawk had a total of 2 fares aboard, me and another guy and the Captain Al had about 30 or 40 paying fares. Goes to show you that building a good reputation for yourself goes a long way to assure loyal customers. I usually go out on the Captain Al but wanted to try what I believed was a faster boat, the Captain Al had a terrible reputation as a slow boat, a really slow boat, but a great reputation otherwise. Much to my surprise, i found out they had gotten a new engine installed, last year, and I must admit the Captain Al is now fast, if not a speed demon among local party boats.

As usual, the Captain Al's captain got us to productive fishing grounds. Within 5 minutes of leaving the dock, we were hauling in Sea bass one after the other, most very good sized too. The sad thing was that this year, NYS DEC changed the regulations and the open season on them is not until mid June. Throughout the day, I caught at least 14 of them. I also caught one blackfish, also not in season, two dogfish (both thrown back), a skate or two and a conger eel. In addition, I caught 17  Ling, I threw two of them back because they were too small for me although there is no size limit on them. Ling are very tasty - some of the finest tasting fish the oceans have to offer, in my opinion. At first I was not getting nearly as many as others, when they had ten ling, I had two. Seems my rod was too stiff, a complaint I have not heard much lately at my age! A big hat tip to fisherman John who was next to me at the rail. After he told me that his thought on why I was not catching as many was my rod's stiffness, I decided to ask the crew to set me up with a boat pole that was lighter action than my own. I started to catch immediately and surpassed some others who had had more than me before the switch. I had one other keeper fish, a 5-6 pound bluefish. I had a ling on the hook and the bluefish took the second hook on the way up. The sudden change in action from the almost nothing slight tug of the ling, to the zig-zagging run of the blue was pretty exciting.

I cooked all the ling shortly after I got home last night. They were delicious and we have leftovers. As for the bluefish, if the rain lets up some later today, it is going on the BBQ for tonight's meal.

I have to say that the mates aboard the Captain Al, yesterday, were exceptional. They were 100% attentive to the fares and did not fish themselves. They were there to help, such as to refill you bait cup or with a gaff hook or net if you needed it, even when you did not call them over. That is truly attentive. They work mostly, if not completely, for tips and they acted accordingly. The captain was also very good, he did not spare the diesel fuel but moved from spot to spot to assure a good long day of reeling em in. I am going to estimate that the average catch of keeper fish was about 20 fish per fare. Some probably had up to 30 keepers. If you include the sea bass that had to be thrown back, double those figures. Besides the ling, sea bass, bluefish (mine was the only one), blackfish, dogfish, conger eel and skates that I caught, others also caught the same as well as a lone codfish (the pool winner and I think my blue was bigger but blues are not allowed int he pool), some winter flounder, and some porgies (scup). I think, in all, I had about 37 fish. It was a great day and the only disappointments were that my son (he had school) and my uncle were not along to enjoy it with me. My son's absence being the bigger disappointment by far.

All the best,
Glenn  B