Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Powerful Yet Brief Video About The Power Of Words And My Commentary On How It Could Change The Political World

Skip the opening advertisement and go directly to the video (which is an ad itself but a great one, maybe the best I have ever seen).

Enjoy this one, it is likely to bring a tear or two to your eyes and/or give you a certain feeling of wonderment in both your mind and your gut. Too bad most people are not really as thoughtfully intelligent as was the lady portrayed in this video, we could change the world if such was the case.

For example, think of the wonderful worldwide effect that changing one word could have if we changed just one word in the campaign slogan: "Vote Obama" to the word "Fuck...". Can you guess which word I would change?

I may have posted on this one before, if I did, well I know I did not give it the same political slant as this time. Anyway, the video is worth watching again, no matter your politics.

A hat tip to Patrick J. S. for the video link.

All the best,
Glenn B

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