Saturday, May 8, 2021

BLM - No Response To Another Black Life Being Taken... a black person or so it seems! Go figure but I, for one thinking logically, would have thought anyone who was a member of group called Black Lives Matter and who truly thought that back lives mattered would be howling from the rooftops. Why? Well, to have this man either be executed or incarcerated for life now that he has he pled guilty to killing his very young son over a piece of cheesecake. Yes, Travis Stackhouse reportedly pled guilty to killing his 5 year old son, Sir Amer Stackhouse, because the boy ate some cheesecake the father had been given for Father's Day in 2019. He evidently struck the boy so hard that it caused sufficient blunt force trauma to kill him. 

Apparently he's another piece of shit killer of black people called to justice and from what I have seen there is ZERO stink being made about it by BLM. I guess that is because, in my opinion (and in the opinions of many others I believe), most members of BLM are  racists pure and simple and only call for action when the person doing the killing is other than black (or maybe they would also do it when a black police officer kills a black person but that is questionable).

You really have to wonder though about why anyone in a group like BLM is not out marching calling for this guys execution when he reportedly did this:

"The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office determined that Sir suffered a ruptured stomach, bruised kidneys and a torn adrenal gland. " More here at the source. How hard must he have hit him to have done that! I am sure this excellent example, of fatherhood of what is wrong in the black community, will not be punished nearly enough for his offense since he pled guilty and because BLM is not out protesting, marching, blocking traffic and or rioting to try to sway the court to assure he is punished appropriately not only for taking a black life but for destroying the future of a black child by ending his life, at such a tender age, by way of brute force.

About the only thing I will give him is that at least he has seemingly accepted responsibility even if only due to what I suspect was a plea deal.

All the best,
Glenn B