Thursday, December 27, 2007

An Email From Bob S in Afghanistan

Here is the complete text of an email I received today from Bob S over in Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan about the three Soldiers' Christmas/Holiday Packages they have received so far (they should receive the last one in the near future):

We have received all 3 boxes. The flashlights were really appreciated. The mornings and nights now having been darker longer and getting darker sooner. We had some military issued ones but they are made by the lowest bidder and last about as long as that too. Some of the guys heard of the lights before and some have used them in there civilian job. They knew the quality and product you sent was definitely sent from the heart. We took some of the things out of the boxes and sent it to the smaller bases that dont have many soldiers or get much of a variety of food or stuff for the local kids.Everything you sent was much appreciated and given out to the guys on Xmas eve. In fact one guy from the admin "weenie" section took a knife when they first came in instead of waiting like I told him. Well about 3 days later at the Post Office he cut himself messing around/showing it off. Amazing how God gets people back for doing the wrong thing. Told him if he would have left the knife alone to begin with it would have never happen. He thought he needed stitches and we all told him to put 2 band aids on it and call a priest who cares. All the stuff you all sent was very much appreciated and brought along of smiles and happiness to all of us here.

We all want to thank you for the support and assistance.

So as you can see, from this email and the previous one from Bob, your donations and the gifts they purchased, were well appreciated by Bob S. and the troops. What was very nice to see is that, in the true spirit of Christmas, Bob and his unit shared some of the items with others units. You can all feel of yourselves that you have done one heck of a good thing.

As for the part about the soldier who got cut with the knife, I guess what goes around comes around, and sometimes it is pretty sharp when it does. Hopefully that guy learned a lesson and really only needed band aides.

All the best,
Glenn B

Fairly Cheap Ammo for Your Mosin Nagant

This ammunition is less expensive than any of it I have seen recently anyhow. It is Yellow Tipped, Bulgarian manufacture, surplus, 7.62x54R, Berdan Primed, Corrosive, Sealed in a Tin, Comes 300 rounds to the Tin, and cost $39.99. With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, you may not see prices come down on current production 7.62x54R in quite some time.

If you decide to go for more quantity the cost will be: $73.63 for a 440 round tin (7.62x54R, corrosive, Bulgarian also, but not sure if the same type of bullets), or 800 rounds at $69.92 sealed in paper packets, also corrosive and also Bulgarian.

J&G Sales for these prices.

All the best,
Glenn B