Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Little Bit Of A Score Cash Wise For Me

Just found out that I accrued 52.44 hours of leave time over the past year. I only earned 30 hours in the prior year, which means that over the past year I earned 1.75 times more than the year before. That also means I worked 1.75X more hours - mostly because I worked just about full time for a 4 month stretch in the fall into the early winter. I should be working that much since I am retired but it does help to pay the bills and make ends meet when on an otherwise fixed income in NY (one of, if not the, most expensive states in the country).

Anyway, the good news is that I will get a check for 52.44 hours pay. It is not like I can spend it on anything fun since the amount I will get after taxes is just $162 more than half of what I had to pay to get my exhaust system replaced on my Toyota Corolla. In other words, I still have to find several hundred dollars more to get the remainder of that repair bill off of my credit card. Oh well, what I am getting sure is a big help and I am not complaining; just wishing I could have spent it on a vacation.

All the best,