Sunday, April 7, 2013

Percentage of Adults In U.S. Labor Force Lowest Since 1979

When was the last time that the percentage of working age adults, within the labor force  in the USA, was as low as it is now at only 63.3 percent? It was in 1979 - right smack in the middle of the tenure of, President James Earl Carter (no his real given name was not Jimmy) the absolute worst president of my lifetime up until the current one got into office. Note, I just said '...worst president of my lifetime up until...' because I no longer consider Carter to have been the worst. The worst president of my lifetime, without a doubt, has been Barrack Hussein Obama. he is, by far, in my opinion, the most incompetent man to have ever set foot in the White House. But don't worry because, as he has told us and will tell us again, we will all be covered by The Affordable Care Act, a mortgage is nothing to worry about, electricity rates will skyrocket if he has his way, the recession is over and more folks have been going back to work, and he will end the war in Afghanistan and wants peace in the world... 

All the best,
Glenn  B