Monday, August 3, 2009

House Cleaning The Blogroll...

...has led me to change around some of my blogroll lists. In checking who linked back to me I realized that there were at least a few bloggers who had given me a reciprocal link since I last checked. I moved them from in whatever section I had their blog's link up to the top section: "Grumps, Geeks, Gun Guys, and Geniuses - All Worth A Read and Who Gave Me A Courtesy Link - Thanks".

I also moved some links to other bloggers out of that section. This has taken up quite some of my pre-work hours this morning. I don't remember which blog I was on today in which I noticed that the reciprocal blog back to me was gone. I then looked to see if this had happened on other blogs and I found that several have dropped their link to my blog. I also figured I had best look to see if anyone else had added me to their blogroll.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a few more bloggers had given me reciprocal links. That is always nice. On the other hand, I must admit I was pretty disappointed to see there were no reciprocal links back to my blog on a few, or even several, of the other blogs that had previously given a reciprocal link back to mine. I don't know why those other bloggers no longer have a link to my blog on their pages and while I am curious I will make no effort to find out. What I do care about more is that the links to my page on their pages are gone. So I looked into rearranging my blogroll list. Please note this is not out of vindictiveness but out of appropriateness. Note I did not say I removed anyone from my blogroll. What I did was rearrange it so that those who, at least to my knowledge, still give me a reciprocal link have their blogs listed in my first blogroll section under: "Grumps, Geeks, Gun Guys, and Geniuses - All Worth A Read and Who Gave Me A Courtesy Link - Thanks" and I removed those who do not afford me that courtesy and placed their links in the appropriate sections of my blogroll. One blog also had an apparent name change from Call Me Ahab to Gun Nus Media - at least that new site came up when I clicked on the web link to Call Me Ahab; I changed it as it seemed appropriate. I think I got it all straight now, but if you notice that I fouled up, please let me know and I'll make the necessary correction(s).

All the best,