Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Official: Kirsten Gillibrand Named NY Senator

I suppose that for a state like New York, it is a step in the right direction. Yes she is a democrat, but yes she also has a track record of being somewhat friendly to those of us who are willing to fight to maintain our right to keep and bear arms and enjoy our liberty to exercise said right.

"As a lawmaker, she has projected a down-home image in tune with her rural
district, which stretches from Lake Placid past the state capital of Albany.
Besides the backing of the NRA, she has the strong support of the New York Farm
Bureau, which described her as ``a leading advocate for agriculture in Washington.'' Her Web site's homepage includes a picture of cows."
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Maybe this guy Patterson will turn out to be a better governor for NY than I had thought. If nothing else, the selection of Gillibrand as senator for NY may cause The Honorable (by pomp and circumstance only in my opinion) Carolyn McCarthy to have a heart attack moment of pause to reconsider her own rabid anti-gun stance. Of course that will not be the case as McCarthy has already vowed to opose Gillibrand. I imagine Senator Charles Schumer will do likewise; and that pompous buffoon Michael Bloomeberg is already ranting in opposition to her appointment. The thing is though, they do not have squat to say about it that can keep her from becoming a senator as I understand. It's nice to see the antis squirm for a change here in an anti-gun state like NY. Now one can only hope that Gillibrand is a true supporter of the right to keep and bear arms and not just a fly by night friend who takes what she can get, such as support from the NRA, to further her career and then dumps what friends she has made once she is in power. Time and her legislating will tell.

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No Lack Of Blogger Mojo...

...but I have had a lack of time to blog, so the blog has been lacking over the past few days. Yesterday was the worst day for time all week. My mom had an episode at the assisted living facility and had to go to the ER. Dementia is not a nice thing, especially if it expresses itself by way of a lot of fear. My sister spent most of yesterday at the ER with my mom, and I got there by cutting my day short at work and spent a few hours there myself along with Brendan and his girlfriend. I went out to the assisted living residence today to see my mom, again with Brendan and Julia, and my mom was much improved. That was a good thing, even though she was not 100%. The remainder of my day, until 5 minutes ago, was spent on bills. Making sure my credit card bill was correct took over an hour alone, and I am still none to sure the balance is correct. Then I paid a bunch of bills. I also made sure the ones left over were sorted by the date by which they need to be paid.

We do okay with our bills, but I have to admit we are having a tough time getting it all paid off with Brendan's college bills. I refuse to take a loan out this time around as I did for my daughter. Since Brendan is staying local, that makes it much easier to accomplish, but it is still hard paying by credit card and making sure not to otherwise go overboard with the cards. I am trying to pay the college bill of within two months of making the payment so we are being careful about what else we charge. I suppose with the holidays out of the way, that will get a little easier - knock on wood. Thank goodness for lower heating bills this year because if we were paying the same oil rates as last year it would be likely I'd need to take out a loan for his college. Not complaining about having those college bills mind you - I am quite proud that Brendan is going to college and did well in his first semester; and there is no way that I would not put him through his undergrad studies. As with his sister Celina though, when it comes to graduate degrees, they have to make it on there own. She is doing that right now and I am pretty sure Brendan will do likewise. First things first, he has to get a bachelor's degree first.

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Glenn b

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

I am sitting here listening the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Greatest Hits CD and I find myself wondering why I never saw them in concert in my younger years. I suppose it was because I went into Law Enforcement in 1979, and that kind of put the kibosh on going to concerts. Yeah I still went to some, but when I moved back to NY from California in the early eighties I soon realized that my job and rock concerts did not necessarily mix. Simply put I did not want to light up like a Christmas Tree had I been given a urine test for drugs at work. Just being at something like a concert probably would have exposed me to enough second hand smoke in the air to make me test positive for a year. That's too bad for me, I sure missed some good live performances from what I can gather by listening to them on disc.

Oh well, thank goodness for technology, I can listen to them as I please - and man are they ever so good.

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Glenn B