Wednesday, July 15, 2015

So The Judge Cannot Understand Why Someone Did Something...

...and his solution to that is not to try harder to do so but to sentence the defendant to four more years of community service and to additional psychological counseling. That, regardless of the fact, that two psychologists appointed by the government, found the defendant to be completely normal and well balanced! So, in essence, it seems to me what has happened here is one of three things because right now I cannot think of another possible one. The first possibility is that the judge has violated the ethics of his office and has sentenced someone based upon his personal feelings and lack of ability to understand why someone did something with total disregard for government appointed experts in the relative field and disregard for rule of law. The second possibility is that he has railroaded a political opponent or at least someone who does not support the same politics as those endorsed by the judge. The third is the judge is too egotistical to realize that the experts in the field of psychology are more knowledgeable than himself and that the motive for the crime is totally independent of the defendant's current mental health status. There may be other possibilities but they elude me right now. You might be surprised to see to whom this just happened but under the political and tyrannical climate in which we live, I am not surprised at all. More here.

Hat tip to PQ for sending me the link to the article.

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Glenn B