Wednesday, May 27, 2015

There Is Another NE Bloggershoot Being Planned...

...and I can't wait to be there. This one is set for August and I am ready to go and get there to start shooting and to meet with one heck of a good crowd of fine folks.

This year, I may save up to buy a new shooter to bring with me and Brendan. Yes, he is planning on coming too, so if I get a new gun we can have fun with something new for both of us. I don't think it will be in a new gun in a caliber in which I don't already own guns. Buying a new caliber of ammo could be cost prohibitive nowadays and anyway, I have a good stock of most calibers we already shoot, so it will probably be something in one of those calibers. Those include 22LR, 22WMR, 32ACP, 9mm, 45ACP, 308WIN, 5.56x45mm, 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R and 12 gauge. I am pretty sure it will not be a shotgun but if it is, it will be a 12 gauge.

Along the lines of getting a new gun, there is a Hesnney Auction scheduled for June 20th in Geneva, NY. If I can get to the auction, I may be able to pick up something for the bloggershoot. I am not getting my expectations up to high ,since I missed the last couple of them, but one can hope. One never knows though and maybe I can pull it off and get something that will be a fun shooter.

All the best,


Holy Tenacious Trotting Toyotas

I got an oil change today for my 2005 Toyota Corolla and looked at the sticker they put on the corner of my windshield to remind me when to get the next oil change - I was pretty stunned. The reason for that, the next service is due at 100,030 miles. In other words, I finally have a car that will surpass the 100K mile mark and I have had it since day one, so to speak, since I bought it new.

Now, there is a chance that my Mazda hatchback, I think it was a 323, or something with a 3 in it anyway, made it for that many miles but I sure don't remember that it did; I am pretty sure it had 90K or less when I donated it to charity. As far as I know, this is the first car I have ever owned on which I (with a little help from the wife and kids) put that many miles. Knock on wood, lest I jinx myself, it still runs like a charm.

Of course, it looks like crap - it has a bunch of dents in it from a hail storm a few or several years back and has not been washed in well over a year. I figure no one likely will steal a dirty filthy and dented car. Yet, it has been maintained well; although a crook may not think so from how it looks. Anyhow, those regularly scheduled oil changes seem to work wonders.

All the best,
Glenn B

True (?) Confession Of A Negligent Discharge With A Glock

So, there is this guy, who posted a sort of true confession self expose on Reddit about how he supposedly shot himself in his leg while disassembling a Glock 30. He indicates, in essence, he has posted about it to warn others about firearms safety as opposed to firearms complacency. Well, I went to Reddit and I read it (his initial post) and my BS meter starting going off at least in the mid-range of the TIBS Scale (This Is BS Scale). In fact, I read it about 5 times and the more I read it the more I became convinced that either it is all a bunch of bullshaite - or the guy who wrote it is an ignoramus when it comes to Glocks - or he is incapable of writing intelligently about what he says happened.

I have pretty much ruled out the third conclusion because his writing is pretty decent, except that is when it comes to naming Glock parts and describing how one disassembles a Glock. That leads me to believe he is either totally full of it or he should not handle a Glock again until he gets some professional training on how to handle one properly. Of course, it could also be a combination of those two, or at least so I suppose.

So tell me, is it just me or does anyone else read more than a mere hint of BS in that 'true' accidental & negligent discharge confession. I would think someone even half familiar with a Glock, who actually knew how to take one apart, would know the correct terminology for the parts. Even if ignorant as to the names of the parts I imagine if he owned one and has handled it as frequently as he implies he has done so, then I think he would have known the steps for disassembly and for safe disassembly at that. Yet he did not unload the gun properly because he never removed the magazine, racked the pistol with the magazine still in the magazine well and apparently ejected one round but chambered another. Then when he squeezed the trigger, he shot himself!

As to him chambering a round, I have to ask: What is the "lifting arm" of which he said:

 "...the lifting arm grabbed another round and chambered it." 

I have not been trained about Glocks in about a year or so but I sure don't remember ever hearing about anything called a "lifting arm" as being part of a Glock when I did receive training about them. As far as I am aware, there is nothing in a Glock pistol that grabs a round and chambers it along the lines of something called a "lifting arm". Also, what are the "slide release pins" of which he writes? I am a somewhat familiar with Glocks and I have never heard of them having any parts called 'slide release pins'. Even if he just got the nomenclature wrong, why would he pull up any pins (or anything at all), which was what he claimed he did, before activating the trigger prior to disassembly? There is a "slide lock" and you do pull that but when done properly, you pull both sides of the slide lock down for disassembly.

Now I am wondering, did he have his pistol upside down while disassembling it, thus making it impossible to even see the chamber or maybe even if a cartridge even ejected when he thought it did?  Besides that, you only pull down on the 'slide lock' after having activated the trigger with an empty chamber. In other words you do not activate the 'slide lock' prior to pulling the trigger, as he says he did with the "slide pins" but subsequent to having done so.

Maybe he does not know how to express himself properly, or maybe just does not know squat about Glocks and how to operate them, but what he wrote sure activates the BS meter and has me wondering if the whole post is just a troll by some guy who injured himself in another way and thought it would be cool to say he shot himself. Mind you, maybe he did shoot himself, I am just saying that I am rather skeptical based on what I read.

If he did shoot himself though, as he described, he ought to attend a professional refresher training course for firearms safety and another for how to safely handle and operate a Glock.

All the best,

Yet Another Woman With Her Finger On The Trigger, Kind Of...

...sort of, just about maybe like all the others I have shown but not quite. This time her finger is not on the gun's trigger but seemingly is should I say it...that other trigger. I am none too sure which one is potentially more dangerous although I am pretty sure that if she has clean hands then having her finger on this trigger will not cause an accidental discharge.

All the best,

Is There A Cotton Shortage?

I know pork went up in price a year or two ago due to some virus wiping out a lot of the little porkers. Chickens and other fowl are going up in price as are eggs because of some bird virus hitting them recently. Blue socks are almost impossible to buy my way (at least navy or dark blue in three packs or more) supposedly due to some problem with indigo supplies and I had heard all about them. I'll be damned though if I also had heard about a cotton shortage. There must be one or so I would guess judging by the prices of Haines cotton underwear at Sears.

I went to my local Sears today thinking I'd buy a package or two of tightie whities - specifically Haines Classics. They were on sale and I thought that was good - buy one package of 7, get another 25% off. I found an even better deal at another display where they had packages containing an extra pair of undies making them 8 packs with the same deal of buy one and get 25% off another. I did not see a price anywhere, well at least until I put on my spectacles. On the back of the package, the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price was shown at $36.00 a pack (for either the 7 or 8 pack). There was no other price shown. I asked a store clerk about the price, she told me that the MSRP was the correct price and I said thanks but no thanks and left with the thought of fuck you Sears being screamed by my inner me.

I just checked online and Walmart it has Haines briefs for less than $10 a 7 pack, don't know if they are the classics or not. Target is pretty close to that. Sears had them advertised online for just under $24.00 a 6 pack (which is a pretty high price itself). So what gives with that $36.00 in store price! What gives is that I am going to shop elsewhere.

All the best,
Glenn B

If Someone Tries To Drive Off In Your Car, Don't Do This...

...because it is about as stupid as stupid can be unless of course maybe your baby is inside the car and even then it I pretty friggin extreme.

On the other hand, if you happen to be a passerby, who can help with a high degree of certainty and without putting innocents in danger, then go ahead and do what you can legally do to stop it.

All the best,
Glenn B