Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Is There A Cotton Shortage?

I know pork went up in price a year or two ago due to some virus wiping out a lot of the little porkers. Chickens and other fowl are going up in price as are eggs because of some bird virus hitting them recently. Blue socks are almost impossible to buy my way (at least navy or dark blue in three packs or more) supposedly due to some problem with indigo supplies and I had heard all about them. I'll be damned though if I also had heard about a cotton shortage. There must be one or so I would guess judging by the prices of Haines cotton underwear at Sears.

I went to my local Sears today thinking I'd buy a package or two of tightie whities - specifically Haines Classics. They were on sale and I thought that was good - buy one package of 7, get another 25% off. I found an even better deal at another display where they had packages containing an extra pair of undies making them 8 packs with the same deal of buy one and get 25% off another. I did not see a price anywhere, well at least until I put on my spectacles. On the back of the package, the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price was shown at $36.00 a pack (for either the 7 or 8 pack). There was no other price shown. I asked a store clerk about the price, she told me that the MSRP was the correct price and I said thanks but no thanks and left with the thought of fuck you Sears being screamed by my inner me.

I just checked online and Walmart it has Haines briefs for less than $10 a 7 pack, don't know if they are the classics or not. Target is pretty close to that. Sears had them advertised online for just under $24.00 a 6 pack (which is a pretty high price itself). So what gives with that $36.00 in store price! What gives is that I am going to shop elsewhere.

All the best,
Glenn B

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