Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away...

...and don't come back tomorrow. The best laid plans of guys like me surely have been ruined by rain before, and I guess they will be ruined by it again, but why in Hades did it have to rain today, and keep raining past when the weather morons people said it would stop! Oh well, no garage sale today, but the rain date is tomorrow and it promises to be sunny tomorrow, or at least the weather guys promise such.

I did have one guy show up at my house at about 0845 hours, when I had listed the sale to begin at 1100 hours. Only two hours and fifteen minutes early. I did not even bother answering the door once the dogs shut up. He was standing outside, and as far as I could tell he had the look of a village idiot on his face, probably wondering why we would not answer the door for him that early. He woke up my wife with his incessant pounding on our door. What an ass wipe inconsiderate person. It wound up that he was a dealer, looking for an early preview of what I had to sell - he left his name and number. Since he was early, I may have to round it out and call him late. That is after everything has sold, or been put away until the next one of these garage sales I try to run - like next year sometime.

All the best,
Glenn B