Saturday, May 16, 2015

Today In History - A Nickel For Your Thoughts

Ever wonder how long we have had used the nickel as part of our coinage. I never did but I found out today anyway, or at least I found out the day that the nickel coin was authorized by the Congress. That day was May 16 way back in 1866 (source, you may have to specifically search for May 16th once there).

More information on the U.S. nickel can be found here.

All the best,
Glenn B

Yet Another Woman With Her Finger On The Trigger?

Strictly for firearms safety education, I am displaying another photo of a woman with her finger apparently on the trigger at an apparent inappropriate moment. I note that I just said apparently as one can not be certain in this instance but the angle sure looks right to me, don't you think the angle is right too.

Anyway, make sure if you carry like this, in the front of your pants above your groin, that you absolutely never draw your handgun with your finger on the trigger, it could be messy.

By the way, except for firearms safety education, why else would I post these images here!

All the best,
Glenn  B

The Torture Has Begun...

...tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock....and man is that clock ticking and tocking slowly!

I am gritting my teeth anticipating at least 6 hours of it. I just signed up for the NY Safety Council's driver safety course so I can reduce my basic collision and liability auto insurance premiums by 10%. I've done this twice before in the past 6 years, once at a live class and this one and the time prior to this one online. I swore I would never take it online again, it is the most tedious thing, by far, that I have ever done but I could not stand the morons in the class when I took it live - so here I am doing it online again. I have to say, I cannot believe they gave licenses to some of the morons with whom I took that first course.  

I am taking the course as I type up this post to keep it from boring me to death. You see, a screen pops up with written course material to read. They give you an allotted amount of time to read it but the catch is, you have to use all of that allotment before moving on to the next page. So, if they give 1 minute and 30 seconds to read it, and you read it in 30 seconds, you have to wait an additional minute until the whole 1:30 has elapsed before advancing. I suppose that is because, by law, the course is 6 hours long. Oh well, it will save me a substantial sum over the next three years until when I will have to take the course over once again. Not a bad deal at $19.95, they wanted $24.95 but I found a coupon code for $5 off.

I don't remember if it is new or not but this time they offered audio for $4.95 additional. I would have sworn the course had audio last time I took it and I sure did not pay an extra penny for that. I guess the deep pockets approach, to sucker folks out of more money, is the new thing by charging for audio now. Regardless, I am not buying it and must say will enjoy some Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hot Tuna and others to help me out while going through the drudgery of the course.

All the best,
Glenn B