Sunday, March 6, 2022

Another Reason, In My Opinion, Why It Will Take Russia Longer To Defeat The Ukraine

 This is just a far out guess on my part or you could call it a conspiracy theory but I believe (as in my unsubstantiated opinion) that Biden is essentially doing Russia's bidding with regard to not helping the Ukraine as substantially as he should be doing. I say that because maybe Russia has the dirt on Hunter Biden and our  beloved seemingly corrupt president Joe Biden. What dirt asketh you! I sayeth, everything to do with Joe Biden's & Hunter Biden's alleged illicit dealings with the Ukraine, Russia & China that netted the Bidens tens of millions of dollars.
Imagine if you will, that a huge super-power invades a much smaller country with the hopes of taking it over without resistance from its strongest enemy - in this case Russia attacking Ukraine without any really strong opposition from the US of A. So, Russia's president notifies the president of the USA (ally of the less powerful nation) that if said stronger ally  (the USA) does not do everything it can to make sure any efforts, of all of the invaded country's allies - to prevent or turn back the invasion are foiled but look on the face of them to be at least partially hurting Russia - it (Russia) will make obvious to the world all of the dirt it has on the president of that strongest ally (Joe Biden) of the invaded nation. 
In other words, the Russians have the goods on Biden and his son and have threatened to turn over that info to the world should President Biden not hold off on things that would really deter the Russians from continuing its attacks on the Ukraine. Those things mind that you would put both Biden's in prison for a long time at the very least or may get our president and his son convicted of treason and hung. So, the Russians are now in no hurry, they have all the time in the world knowing little to nothing will be done to prevent them from conquering the Ukraine and probably the rest of the now free but former Soviet puppet states.
It may seem far fetched until you think about all the actual evidence found on Hunter Biden's laptop and all the other documentary evidence showing money going into the Bidens' accounts from the Ukraine, China and was it Russia too. Then consider that the  Russians are notorious for such types of bribery and espionage as would be needed to influence other government's officials. Also consider that democrat party politicians often allege allegations against their political enemies -  as they did against candidate and then President Trump - when it seems in fact they (the demoncrats) are actually guilty of what they claim their political opponents have done.
Am I a conspiracy theorist, well I guess with this one - I must be so because that is my theory and it surely involves a conspiracy! Maybe it is a crazy one, surely no crazier than - and more believable than - Russian hookers urinating of Donald Trump! The thing is, sometimes even the conspiracy theorists are right and with Biden's lack of appropriate response to Putin's threats,  and all the evidence in Hunter's laptop among other evidence of misdeeds by the Biden father & son team, I am guessing I may be right on this one. If not, then I guess Biden is not calling out Putin on his threats nor on his apparent war crimes in the Ukraine because Biden is just an outright pussy wussy.
The best way to at first slam a bully down is to stare him in the face and do what the bully does not want you to do with an added sufficient counter-threat, like a man (or woman) with brass balls. The next way is just to hit him with a little of what you've got as hard as he threatens to do you - so as to make him realize he is bullying the wrong one. With Biden though, so far it seems as if Putin has found his emasculated stooge. So Russia has all the time it wants, despite its less than stellar military, to destroy the Ukraine since no other nation will stand up to Putin because the USA under Biden is kissing Putin's arse. Again, that's just my opinion but I'd bet a bit I am right or damned close to being right on.
All the best,
Glenn B