Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ah, The Glories of Socialized Medicine...

...or should that be the 'GORIES'.

Twenty-two (22) people have lost their site in either one or both eyes after free cataract surgery offered by the government of India. Now before you start saying oh that is in India so please do not make an analogy to the USA, please bear in mind all of those doctors and nurses named Patel (or with some other Indian name) - so yes it could happen here too. You see (definitely no pun intended), it is not the fault of doctors of Indian descent, it is the fault of the type of medicine being practiced, and that type is socialized government has the answer to everything medicine. Government control of such aspects of our economies does not work. It does not work in Canada, China, England, Germany, India or elsewhere. This is just another warning from outside of our borders that if we turn to socialized medicine, then our medical system is due to fail catastrophically.

Read the article here:,2933,490828,00.html

All the best,
Glenn B

Bad Week For Blogging - So Far (graphic)

...and I can only hope that by some miracle my week will improve. Everything was gong pretty much fine right up until Sunday evening. Well, wait a minute, that is just not right. it was just another weekend last weekend for me. Things were going normally for me, which certainly does not mean everything was fine, I guess I have become rather immune to somethings having to be crappy that I sometimes do not even notice them or otherwise except them as ordinary. On Saturday I visited my mom in the rehab center, and she knew who I was and was happy to see me so that was good. I stayed with her a couple of hours but she just kept nodding off. Before I left though she made sure to tell me to see my Aunt Jackie soon really not my aunt but my Godmother and like my mom very old and in frail health. So before I left my mom, I dialed up my aunt so the two of them could chat awhile, and I could ask her if she wanted me to pick her up someday soon to visit with my mom. My aunt did not answer the phone, so I left a message for her. Later, once home on Saturday night, I kind of felt short of breath and very run down, it was one of those all of a sudden type things.

On Sunday the day was a nice one, I got up and did some things that needed doing. Then I was off to a meeting of the Long Island Herpetological Society. I enjoy the company of some fine friends there as usual, then headed home. By the time I got home I was feeling a bit under the weather, a sore lower back and a headache at the top sides of my head and at the base of my head where it meets the neck.When I walked passed a mirror and took a look, I saw a peaked reflection in the mirror. I guess it was about 7:00PM when unexpectedly the damn burst. The flood cometh and the waters were muddy. I was sick like that until about 4PM yesterday, and was literally ill over 40 times in 2 days. You would think I had dysentery, and I wondered when the waters turned from muddy to black and I had not eaten or drank anything other than water in over 36 hours when that change came about. The most amazing thing of all throughout all of this was that I did not wind up needing to be hospitalized due to dehydration. The second most amazing thing was that I did not eat a single morsel of food in 46 hours. Though I had my first meal last night, a can of chicken noodle soup, and had a small light sandwich later, and a couple of pieces of toast today, I must say I am none to hungry. Matter of fact I am still feeling squeamish about eating, not so much because I dread another bout of the runs, but because after eating I feel sickly and weak again - go figure.

I was not really thinking about anything getting worse last night, but before it started to get better last night, things took a turn for the worse, much worse. Well truth is they had already turned that way, I had just not found out until last night. My Aunt Jackie went in to the hospital for cardiac arrest on Friday, she passed away on Tuesday. My sister called and gave me the news last night. Now we are debating whether or not to tell my mom. I would prefer telling her, even taking her to the funeral parlor if possible. It is a difficult decision to make because my mom is not in good shape either. Finding out will be tough for her, very tough. She and my aunt were long time best friends, since grammar school, and I do mean best friends. They were members of the 24 club, and my mom is one of the few surviving members of the club having been born in 1924. I will regret not having seen my aunt in recent memory, shame on me for that. She was as good a Godmother as one could hope for and helped put some joy into what was an otherwise pretty troubled childhood.

This morning I felt quite the bit better heath wise. I even drove myself to the doctor's office for a checkup. All she told me was that I probably have a bad stomach virus that seems to be going round but that I also seem to be getting better. Heck I could have told her that. I spent most of that day today recuperating. Could things be any worse? Well not really worse but some annoyance added to the mix. This afternoon, I found out my government car parked out front has a parking ticket on it, because we have alternate side of the street parking, and it belonged on the other side of the street on Tuesday. I just moved it to a spot around the block and that was a major effort. Guess who has to pay the ticket - yep me. Usually we get away with it, but my boss decided if I get one parked at home I also get to pay it. Hopefully they will reconsider because I have been so ill, but in the end it is up to the judge here where I live and he is no friend of mine.

So, sorry I have not blogged more this week, but I think you can understand why I have not kept up on it. I'll give you some good stuff by the weekend, I have a new Yugo SKS to write about (yep SAMCO sent me a replacement for the other one that I returned to them).

Its been a tough few days; and even right now things seem to be getting a bit tougher as I type. I am again starting to feel much more run down, weak, and the headache and backache seem to be coming back. I almost cannot believe that moving my car, and now sitting here and writing this have made me feel so weak again. So for now I am calling it quits, I am going to go lay down to rest so that maybe tomorrow I'll have enough strength to attend the funeral parlor services.

All the best,
Glenn B